Where to Find the Best CD Rates from Credit Unions in 2012?

February 15, 2012 3 Comments »

We’ve grabbed the top CD rates from credit unions around the country and listed them below. All of the credit unions mentioned here are not-for-profit institutions and are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250k. We didn’t use any geographical filter when compiling this list so depending on where you live you may not be eligible for some of the accounts. We’ve updated our CD rates center to include the top CD rates from credit unions that are available nationwide, so if you find this month’s edition to be too exclusive as far as membership is concerned, you can compare rates there.

So far 2012 has been just as miserable (if not worse) for savers as last year was even when depositing with local credit unions. Contrast 2012′s top rates to those of last year from our February 2011 edition.

6 month CD rates 2012 (Credit Unions Only):

- White Pine Credit Union is featuring a 6 month CD yielding 1.75% APY with no minimum deposit requirements listed. Their website (www.whitepinecu.com) looks a little amateur and their address is simply listed as a PO Box in Pierce, Idaho. You can give them a call at (208) 464-2844.

- VAPR Credit Union has a 6 month CD yielding 1.25% APY with no minimum deposit requirements listed either. Their website (www.vaprfcu.com) is originally shown in Spanish but has a link for the English translation on the top right. VAPR Credit Union is located in Puerto Rico but can accept deposits from most states. Contact them at (800) 981-8259.

12 month CD rates 2012 (Credit Unions Only):

For those looking to invest a smaller amount in a 1 year credit union CD (especially under $1,000) you have many promotional offers available to you that are quite lucrative when compared to today’s national average(s). Below are the top 2 promotional 1 year CD’s offered to those looking to make a relatively small deposit.

- Belvoir Federal Credit Union has a 1 year “Young Savers CD” yielding a phenomenal APY of 5.38% on deposits up to $1,000.

- A+ Credit Union has a 1 year “StartUP CD” yielding 5.0% APY on deposits up to $1,000.

For traditional 12 month CD’s from credit unions, here are your top interest rates:

- White Pine Credit Union (same credit union as listed above) has a 12 month CD yielding 2.0% APY with no minimum nor maximum deposit allowances mentioned.

- Route 1 Credit Union based out of Paris, Illinois is currently featuring a 12 month CD yielding 1.77% APY. This is another exceptionally small credit union with all four of their employees listed on their website (www.rt1cu.org).  It appears that despite their small staff size they can accept deposits from outside of their geographical range. All you’ll need to do is open a share savings account in conjunction with your certificate of deposit and plop $5.00 into the account.

3 year CD rates 2012 (Credit Unions Only):

- Affinity Plus Credit Union is featuring a 37-48 month “Step Up” deposit with an APY of 2.88%. Affinity Plus Credit Union has several locations throughout Minnesota but can also accept deposits in a number of other states. You can use their “live chat” system on their website (www.affinityplus.org) or contact a representative at (800) 444-7228.

- Saint Josephs Parish Buffalo Credit Union is offering the second best interest rate on 3 year deposits, however, they have just one location in upstate New York and only service a small customer base (despite being in business for over 70 years). You can contact them at (716) 833-9670.

5 year CD rates 2012 (Credit Unions Only):

- Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union has a 5 year CD yielding 2.80% APY. Despite the name of this CU implying that just employees and family members of the Department of Commerce can join, they open their doors to consumers nationwide. The only requirements to open an account are a valid social security number and driver’s license of anyone over the age of 18. Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union is based out of Washington D.C. Contact them through their website (www.docfcu.org) or by phone at (888) 626-9845.

- Stevenson Credit Union of Alabama has a 5 year deposit yielding 2.68% APY and just one location in Alabama. They can accept deposits from other states as well but you’ll need to visit their website (www.stevensonfcu.net) or call them at (256) 437-2181 to see if you are eligible.

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