WAMU Free Checking Account Bonus: $100

May 20, 2009 10 Comments »

Update: Washington Mutual has been acquired by Chase Bank. Chase regularly features a number of checking account sign-up bonuses throughout the year (see this $100 offer). You can also comb through our archive of bank deals or review our favorite checking account promotions of 2012.

Checking account promotions in general have come with mediocre awards in 2012 when compared to some of the most lucrative offers of the past. Last Fall a number of the country’s largest banks began imposing new fees on even their most basic checking accounts in order to weed out those ‘low value clients’ or those with little assets in the bank. Most of these fees were taken back though because of the immediate backlash that followed in the media. Chase Bank’s fees range between $6 and $25 depending on which account you open. Like Citibank and Bank of America, these fees are only imposed when your account dips between certain daily balances or if you don’t have regular direct deposits set up.

Credit unions may also be a good place to look for new checking account bonuses. Credit unions don’t generally have maintenance fees associated with their checking accounts and occasionally offer cash rewards for new members. These institutions are member-owned and not-for-profit, so any profits derived from business operations are simply put back into their products in the form of better rates and additional features.

- Offer from Archive -

Well it looks like Washington Mutual, aka Chase Bank, is trying to rack up some new business. Thanks to BankVibe.com reader Chase for submitting this deal (what a fitting name!).

Currently they are offering a $100.00 sign up bonus when you open a WaMu Free Checking account and set up a direct deposit OR make five debit card purchases.

WaMu Free Checking Account Features:

(View WaMu’s Promo Page)

  • No monthly service fee
  • FREE ATM cash withdrawals at any ATM
  • 14,000 WaMu and Chase ATMs nationwide
  • FREE checks
  • FREE online banking and bill pay
  • One overdraft fee refund annually

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  • Yosh

    Nice find. Do you need a promo code for this checking account?

  • Michael

    I went to the promo page this morning then came back tonight to sign up and it is now expired. Whats up with that?

  • Blogging Banks

    It’s not expire Michael. It’s still working. Just make sure it works for your state of residence.

  • Matt

    I tried as well and then couldn’t sign up either because it said the offer had expired.

    Use this link instead, it worked for me!


  • BankVibe

    Thanks Matt! That link works

  • Amym

    I have a Chase Checking account. will I still be able to get this bonus if I open a WAMU account?

  • bucko

    california ONLY

  • ALM

    When I signed up for a Wamu account a couple of months ago, I signed up hastily and didn’t put the full amount that qualifies you for the $100 bonus.

    I did nothing else with the account, except for one purchase and one deposit, and I check my account two days ago, and I received a $100 bonus! I checked to see if I actually qualify, but I don’t, so this is interesting.

    I’m not complaining!

  • Victor

    TO: Amym re: Chase Acct. YES, we have Chase accounts and were able to get the WAMU promo, the $100 bonus was paid 3 days after the 5 debit cards trans were posted. VERY efficient and UNLIKE BofA that never seems to pay up and live up to their word.

    I think there is a short window of time for the WAMU bonus, until they are fully system-integrated with Chase. As of now, they are not. So… do it ASAP !

  • VIV

    I am a California resident but when I apply no confirmation promo code is given therefore I never submit the application.

    How do you know they will give the $100 bonus if no code is part of the process??