US Bank Home Loans, Mortgage, Refinance Rates and Review(s)

September 1, 2010 4 Comments »

US Bank has an extensive collection of mortgage products available to consumers throughout most of the country. Whether you’re looking for a new home loan or looking to refinance an existing home loan, US Bank will be able to tailor a mortgage package to fit your needs. They offer fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, jumbo mortgages, reverse mortgages, and interest only mortgages. Their loan specialists may also be able to accommodate customized loan packages for certain customers as well.

US Bank, based out of Ohio, is one of the largest banks in the country with over 2,900 offices and $150 million (plus) in deposits. They are a publicly traded bank on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol USB. They have a current market cap of almost $40 billion and were able to maintain a somewhat stable share value (relatively speaking) during the industry collapse of 2008. Their stock price currently trades in the low $20′s per share and dipped only briefly to below $10 in the Fall of 2008.

Home Loan, Refinance and Mortgage Rates offered through US Bank:

(Rates accurate as of 9/1/2010. Visit our mortgage center for updated rates and info.)

- Conforming Fixed 30 Year Mortgage going for 4.564% APR.

- Conforming Fixed 20 Year Mortgage going for 4.463% APR.

- Conforming Fixed 15 Year Mortgage going for 3.985% APR.

- Conforming Fixed 10 Year Mortgage going for 3.908% APR.

- FHA Fixed 30 Year Mortgage going for 4.879% APR.

- FHA Fixed 15 Year Mortgage going for 4.565% APR.

- VA Fixed 30 Year Mortgage going for 4.846% APR.

- VA Fixed 15 Year Mortgage going for 4.594% APR.

- 5 year ARM going for 3.544% APR.

- 3 year ARM going for 3.628% APR.

- Jumbo 30 year fixed rate mortgage going for 4.903% APR.

- Jumbo 15 year fixed rate mortgage going for 4.385% APR.

If you have experience in the home loan process with US Bank please share by leaving a comment!

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  • Hickson C

    They dont offer mortgage rates in my county. Whats up with that?

  • http://BankVibe Amelia

    I’m pretty sure Mickey Mouse designed US Banks website…and they are probably the only bank that charges fees for paying your mortgage on their own website–crooks. Pray your mortgage isn’t sold to this lousy bank.

  • Suzanne

    I hate this company. My mortgage was sold to them without my knowledge or approval. Their customer service is a sham. They are very pleasant on the phone and promise to take care of everything, but forget all about it when they hang up.
    We refinanced specifically to get my then-new husband on the house title, and that was the one thing they did not do. By then, though, I knew enough to keep asking if it had been done, so I caught it in time. Then I had to fax the necessary information and forms.
    I changed insurance companies, and notified US Bank, but they went ahead and paid for two flood insurance policies, one through the old company and one through the new. I only caught the error when I was told that my escrow was in arrears, and I looked back through and saw the two payments. It took me months to straighten that out. I had to do take care of it, even though it was their fault.
    As for their website — even Mickey Mouse could do better. First you have to find the mortgage site, not the banking site. Then, good luck getting in. I get locked out every time because it won’t accept my password. No one is available on weekends, when the rest of the working world is off. When I finally find time during the working week to call, it always turns out that “there were problems with the website.” I suspect they do maintenance on the weekends.
    Then when you finally do get it, it will kick you back out if it doesn’t like what you select, such as “Help.” The choices only make sense to a mortgage banker, not the average homeowner.

  • jnguyen

    I entered the online request for a mortgage quote/consultation with them twice and no one called me back. If they don’t respond to me now, I suspect that they won’t respond to me later.