3.50% APY Ultimate Checking Account through Florida Central Credit Union

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3.50% APY Ultimate Checking Account through Florida Central Credit Union

Below is a short history of Florida Central Credit Union’s “Ultimate Checking Account,” chronicling the interest rates, features, terms and conditions from 2009 to 2013. The Ultimate Checking Account by FCCU remains as one of the most popular rewards checking accounts of 2013.

Update 2013

Even though Florida Central Credit Union’s popular “Ultimate Checking Account” has seen it’s rate drop significantly since 2009, it still provides a yield of 3.50% APY on balances up to $10,000 in 2013. To put this in perspective, this is nearly 3 times the current national average for money market rates. On balances above $10k the account provides a 1.0% APY, and just 0.10% APY on balances above $15k.

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Complete list of features, terms and conditions:

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 2.42.58 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 2.48.31 PM


Archived Offers:

- Offer from Archive July ’12 -

July 2012: The interset rate and terms and conditions of this offer have changed. As of 2012, you can still earn a very respectable 4.0% APY on balances up to $15,000, however, you’ll need to tie in a loan account as well and have an outstanding balance of at least $5,000 on this account. If you dont have a loan account and simply meet the old list of requirements (shown from the archived offer below) then you’ll earn 2.50% APY on balances up to $15k. Compare this to 2012′s top rewards checking accounts.

What we particularly like about Florida Central Credit Union’s reward checking account offers is that they apply a 1.0% APY to balances above the $15,000 threshold, so even if you carry a larger balance, you will still receive an overall interest rate that is well above anything you can currently get on a money market account or online savings account.

- Offer from Archive Feb ’09 -

Florida Central Credit Union is currently offering all of it’s customers a free “Ultimate Checking Account” in which they will give you an astonishing 6.01% APY on all balances up to $25,000. This rate is subject to change without notice, so if you do open an account with them be sure to check your e-Statements regularly.  Also, if your balance exceeds $25,000 you will earn a 1% APY on the additional amount.

High-Yield Checking Account Highlights:

  • free use of ATMs nationwide
  • 6.01% APY on all balances up to $25,000
  • No monthly fee and no minimum balance required
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Online Banking
  • An overdraft privilege of $300/$700
  • Free check card

Terms and Conditions to receive 6.01% APY:

You must make 12 check card transactions per month, 1 direct deposit or ACH auto debit and enroll to receive e-Statements.

About Florida Central Credit Union

Florida Central Credit Union was established in 1958 originally as Tampa Central Credit Union. They service the greater Florida area and are geographically exclusive to the southeast. They currently offer such savings products as high-yield checking accounts, high-yield federally insured deposit products (ie. certificates of deposit) and money market accounts. They also offer several loan products (auto, home, mortgage, personal, business, etc).

Locations and Reviews:


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  • Erik

    Great post! Here are a few more from CheckingFinder.com.


    Florida Central Credit Union 6.01 FL
    First Robinson Savings Bank 6.01 IL
    Union State Bank/Bank of Atchison 6.01 KS
    Communications Federal Credit Union 5.25 OK
    Connexus Credit Union 5.15 WI
    Keystone Bank 5.15 AL
    First New England Federal Credit Union 5.15 CT
    Three Rivers FCU 5.01 IN
    Legence Bank 5.01 IL
    Community Bank of Pleasant Hill 5.01 MO
    Community Bank of Raymore 5.01 MO
    United Heritage Credit Union 5.01 TX


    • ING decreased their highest rate offered by 25 basis points, from a 2.50% APY on a 1 year CD to a 2.25% APY on a 4 year CD.
    • Schwab decreased their 18 month CD rate by 15 basis points, from a 2.65% to 2.50% APY.
    • E*Trade decreased their 5 year CD rate by 30 basis points, from a 1.70% to 1.40% APY.
    • E-Loan increased their 6 year CD rate by 50 basis points, from a 3.50% to 3.70% APY
    • Washington Mutual decreased their 5 year CD rate by 50 basis points, from a 3.00% to 2.50% APY.
    • AARP Financial Savings Center decreased their savings rate by 50 basis points, from a 2.00% to 1.50% APY.
    • Wachovia increased their 17 month CD rate by 15 basis points, from a 1.85% to 2.00% APY.
    • E-Loan currently has the highest rate at 3.70% APY on a 6 year CD.
    • E*Trade currently has the highest savings rate at 3.01% APY.

    Courtesy of BancVue.

  • Richard Phillips

    This is how the banks are treating the TAX PAYERS.
    Notice anyone living or doing business in Central Florida do not, do business with Florida Credit Union.
    The United States, when people and business are hurting.
    This is how this credit union will treat you.
    My wife and I have just opened up a new business. We needed to open up a business account for the CCR registration and the Federal Government.
    My wife and I have a personnel checking account with this credit union.
    “When we arrived at the credit union they told us that we cannot open a business account due to low credit scores.”
    Now I would think that if you bank with someone and they just received TAX DOLLARS and you would like to open up a business account with them they would have no problems.
    “What is up with that?”
    This is now way of helping small businesses and helping the United States in moving out of this credit problem.
    The fact is the banks and credit unions started all this credit problems in the first place.
    It is not like we were asking for $200,000.00 Startup fund. We were putting money into there bank so they can loan out money and make more money for them.

    INFRADANT LLC. Is a Professional Business Services Energy, Information Technology, Infrastructure Management that specializes in projects of all sizes that include: Next Energy Information Technology Infrastructure Management, Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructure Management, Education Information Technology Infrastructure Management, Next Information Technology Infrastructure Management and Virtualization Management. Data Center Automation, Document Management, Managed Services. Open-Source Software, Power Management, Software-As-A-Service, Server Virtualization, Thin-Client Computing, Unified Communications and Videoconferencing.

    INFRADANT also specializes in all industries that include: Department of Defense contracting with Department of Human & Health Services, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Telecommunications, and non-profit Corporations.

    Now SunTrust helped are company with no problems.

  • Vicki Guy

    I’ve been banking with the Florida Central Credit Union for 25 years and have ALWAYS had great service. I understand your frustration and agree. It’s not a reason not to do business with them however, but it is frustrating and is no solution for todays problems. Sun Trust would not give me a business account because it would be considered a conflict of interest because I’m a financial advisor. How is this possible? I’m not competing with them, I just want to put money into an account, if anything, if their service was good I would refer clients, not a time for any bank to be picky as far as I’m concerned.

  • cindy beall

    I am interested in your 6.01 checking account. I live in Texas. Is that a problem?

  • BankVibe


    You have to speak with the people at Florida Central Credit Union. BankVibe doesn’t offer any bank accounts directly. Also, this article was posted in February and I believe this account is now around 4.50% APY. This is a variable interest rate and is subject to change without notice.

    Thanks for the note though, if I could sign you up I would :)

  • yawlie

    We are looking for a great rate checking account?

    I will try to call the bank in the meantime.


  • Deborah Katz

    Unfortunately, you must live in Florida to get this…

    Per their website, “You can bank with floridacentral Credit Union if you live or work in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, or DeSoto counties!”

    You can also join if you live in Florida and a relative already has an account with them.