Total Mortgage Services Review(s) and Rates

December 11, 2012 5 Comments »
Total Mortgage Services Review(s) and Rates

Total Mortgage Services, based out of Connecticut, claims to offer some of the lowest mortgage rates in the country.

They offer an extensive range  of mortgage products including – fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, home refinance mortgage loans, jumbo mortgage loans, FHA mortgage loans, reverse mortgages, no closing cost mortgages, and first time home buyer mortgages (to name a few). The APR’s on their home loans are often significantly below the national average.

How is Total Mortgage Services able to offer lower rates?

According to Total Mortgage Services, they can offer better APRs on home loans because of their in-house underwriting, their advanced processing technology, and the sheer volume of the business they do. They claim to have access to the widest array of programs and the best possible rates available anywhere. In many states, they’re a broker and a lender, which means they have great flexibility in crafting and customizing a mortgage solution.

Mortgage Rates offered through Total Mortgage Services:

(Rates accurate as of 12/2012. Visit our mortgage center to compare Total Mortgage Services current rates with scores of other banks from our database.)

30 year fixed 3.125% 3.236%
15 year fixed 2.625% 2.825%
30 year FHA 3.125% 4.075%
5/1 year ARM 2.250% 4.478%
30 year fixed jumbo 4.250% 4.279%

Things to keep in mind before applying…

  1. The APR can vary among mortgage lenders. The most accurate way to determine an APR is to establish the current mortgage rate, loan amount and closing costs.
  2. No closing cost loans allow borrowers to include closing costs in the loan amount, preventing them from having to come up with the money all at once.
  3. Mortgage rates change daily, sometimes several times throughout the day. A mortgage professional can monitor current mortgage rates for you.

Contact Info:

Total Mortgage Services, LLC

326 West Main Street Milford, CT 06460

Phone: 203.876.2200

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  • Ben

    TotalMortgage doesn’t always have as good as rates as they like to tell people on their website. Its also sometimes hard to get someone on the phone, but i liked it better than my old bank

  • Brandi

    I was thinking of dealing with Total Mortgage Services, based out of CT, but I looked up their reviews and this is what I found. With the BBB their rating was an “A” but there were at least 21 complaints. I have found that the BBB’s rating is not always a reliable way to understand the problems associated with a business. I looked up the details of their complaints and found consumer complaints regarding misleading sales presentations, unauthorized credit card transactions as well as other complaints…why would someone take a chance and use their services?

  • BankVibe

    @Brandi – thanks for the input! I wouldn’t hold too much stock in a BBB rating either, their grading process is pretty much automated and lacks a quality filter for the complaints.

    Misleading sales presentations or bait and switch APR’s are definitely something to be concerned about. I’d check out a CT credit union that you’re eligible to join for better rates, low pressure sales and more support imo.

  • Cava11

    Don’t do it. Due to a poor appraisal I was unable to refi. Not their fault. Asked for a refund of my good faith money less costs. $300.00 for appraisal. $200.00 for a FED EX shipping label. Therefore no money back to me. Choose someone else.

  • Athena Trellopoulos

    Do not deal with Total Mortgage Services. They are a bait and switch operation. I was approved for a loan “without a hitch” according the Don Dey and was quoted $10K for cash to close out of pocket expenses. I later received an email from McCue Mortgages that Total Mortgages sold my loan. I haven’t even gone to closing yet. When I asked Don why this happened he said they brokered the loan not sold it. That’s not what all the paperwork from McCue stated not to mention that their cash to close would bring me to $14K. I sent Don Dey McCue’s paperwork upon his request. I received a phone call this morning from Don who said it was best we didn’t do business together and they will just go away. This was clearly a bait and switch. I will never do business with them again and strongly suggest no one else does either.