Today: Chase Bank Mortgage Rates and Review(s)

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Depending on the type of mortgage or home loan you’re in the market for, today’s mortgage rates from Chase Bank will most likely offer you APR’s (slightly) under the national average. Chase Bank’s mortgage division offers rates which vary on location so the APR’s we’ve listed below are collective averages.

Types of Mortgages Offered by Chase Bank Today: 30 year fixed rate mortgages, 15 year fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, mortgage refinance loan, reverse mortgages and more. Depending on your individual circumstance Chase may be able to customize a mortgage product specific to your needs. Chase also offers a number of refinance options if you’re looking to reduce your mortgage payments from an unfavorable APR.

Mortgage Promotional Product from Chase Bank: Today, customers can earn up to 1% cash back, calculated on their scheduled principal and interest mortgage payment each month on a mortgage applied for and closed with Chase. To be eligible, customer must enroll at or prior to closing in the 1% Mortgage Cash Back program, have a new or existing Chase personal checking account, and enroll in Chase’s automatic mortgage payment service, where the mortgage payment will be automatically deducted from the Chase personal checking account. Verification of the active checking account will occur prior to issuance of the annual award.

Today’s Mortgage Rates – Chase Bank:

(Like all bank rates, the rates we’ve listed below are time sensitive in nature. Please refer to the date of this article for accuracy. If you feel they are out dated visit for updated rates and information.)

- 30 year fixed rate mortgage with an average APR of 4.733%.

- 15 year fixed rate mortgage with an average APR of 3.915%.

- 7/1 ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) with an average APR of 3.260%.

- 5/1 ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) with an average APR of 3.041%.

Do you have experience in the home loan or refinance process with Chase Bank? If so, please share by leaving a comment!

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