Three 36 Month Auto Loan Rates Under 2.0% APR in Washington State

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Auto loan rates were the only real winner in 2011 as far as bank rates go with plenty of banks and credit unions featuring unheard of APR’s under the 2.0% mark. The best auto loan rates were just nearing 3.0% APR around this time last year but quickly dropped off throughout the first few months of 2011.

Recently we were notified of a few exceptional offers in Washington state from both regional and national credit unions. If you happen to live in Washington state and are in the market for a new or used car loan, you may want to check out the following institutions. Keep in mind though, the offers are all from credit unions which will likely require you to become a member before obtaining the loan. Typically this will require you to fit within the group of people they serve (either geographically or through your employment) and/or that you have additional bank account(s) with the institution.

Top 3 Auto Loan Rates in Washington State:

(Rates accurate as of December 2011. Visit the credit union’s website for additional terms, conditions and membership requirements.)

1) Navy Federal Credit Union (Silverdale, WA) has a 36 month new car loan featuring an APR of 1.79% depending on credit standing. NFCU has been regularly featured on for their outstanding car loan rates over the course of 2011. Visit for further information.

2) NW Priority Credit Union (Vancouver, WA) has a 36 month new car loan featuring an APR of 1.99% depending on credit standing. NW Priority Credit Union is a regional credit union serving the greater northwest. Visit for further information.

3) QualStar Credit Union (Tacoma, WA) is featuring a 36 month new car loan with an APR of 1.99% depending on credit standing as well. QualStar Credit Union has 3 locations in the greater Seattle area – Tacoma, Seattle and Everett. Visit for further information.

If you live in WA and have obtained a better auto loan rate through your local bank or credit union, let us know by leaving a comment!

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