TD Bank Upping their Fee Structure Once More

November 7, 2011 No Comments »

It’s only been months since TD Bank raised the fees associated with some of their checking accounts, now they’re bumping up the costs of other established fees.

New Cost of Fees for TD Bank Customers:

Wire Transfers:

Old Cost – $10. New Cost – $15.

Money Orders:

Old Cost – $4. New Cost – $5.

Certified Checks:

Old Cost – $4. New Cost – $8.

Stop Payment Fees:

Old Cost – $25. New Cost – $30.

Also, if you happen to hold one of their liquid savings accounts (like a money market account) you may be hit with an additional fee when you make too many withdrawals and/or transactions. On some of these accounts, if you go over your 6 allowed monthly transactions, you’ll get dinged 9 bucks.

Granted these aren’t your typical everyday transactional fees or general, wide-sweeping fees, in which Bank of America was considering imposing, but they are still another drop in the bucket for already wavering big banks.

Big bank consumers in general have been put off by the imposition of new and/or additional fees their banks have been imposing throughout much of 2011. This has lead to a boon in new accounts for local credit unions as well as highly publicized disgust of the big banks through social media outlets.

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