TD Bank Checking Account Bonus: Flip Camcorder

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TD Bank has a pretty sweet bonus available for anyone living in Florida in need of a new checking account. Currently, when you are approved for a new personal checking account online or through one of TD Bank’s branches you will receive a new Flip Ultra Camcorder (which retails for about $150)!

Thanks to reader Sam for submitting this offer!

Here’s how to get the Flip Camcorder:

  • Open TD Bank checking account
  • Used your Visa Debit Card for 8 purchases; and
  • Made 2 payments with Online Bill Pay within 45 days of account opening

It will take about 6 weeks for TD Bank to mail you the camcorder. The offer ends on June 5, 2010.

About TD Bank Checking Accounts:

Before you get too excited about your brand new flip be sure you can avoid monthly fees with your new checking account.

TD Bank has several different checking account options for individuals ranging from first time account holders and students to multiple account holders with a more substantial personal asset base. Deciding which account is best for you may take a bit of research.

Breakdown of TD Bank Checking Account Offers:

“TD Simple” – This is their most basic checking account. It comes with no minimum balance requirements, online bill pay capabilities and mobile banking. It comes with a monthly fee of either $2.99 or $3.99 depending on your enrollment to receive e-statements.

“TD Convenience” -This account is the next step up and comes with free checks and the same online and mobile banking features as the “Simple” account. You will be charged a $15 monthly fee only if your minimum balance dips below $100.

“TD 60 Plus” – For this TD Bank checking account you’ll need to be at least 60 years old. It comes with a safe box, unlimited free checks and free money orders. You must keep a minimum amount of $250 in the account to have the monthly fee of $15 waived. This is also one of the only checking accounts from TD Bank that comes with an interest rate. The current rate is practically non-existent, but we’ve seen them offer competitive APY’s before in a more favorable interest rate environment. This rate is variable and can change at any time.

“TD Student” -Here’s another basic account but geared towards students. You must be at least 18 years old and enrolled as a full-time student to open this account. It comes with no monthly fees, a number of online and mobile capabilities and one free overdraft per year.

“TD Premier” – This is probably our favorite TD Bank checking account and is also the most popular amongst their customer base. The primary reason for it’s popularity is that it comes with zero fees for balances of at least $2,500 plus complete reimbursement for non-TD Bank ATM withdrawals. Enjoy free access to your cash at all times, but beware of a $25 monthly fee if your account dips below the $2,500 threshold.

“TD Relationship” – Assets of at least $20,000 in any number of TD accounts are required to avoid a $25 monthly fee with this particular offer. If approved, you’ll enjoy the whole host of TD bank services practically free of charge.

Visit TD Bank’s checking center for updated terms, conditions and special offers.

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