SunTrust Mortgage Review(s) and Refinance Rates

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SunTrust Bank, based out of Georgia, is one of the nation’s largest banks by both employees and deposits held. They control over $115 million in consumer deposits and have over 1700 offices and/or branches. They have a large variety of banking products available to consumers in a number of southeastern states.

Their consumer mortgage rates are regularly offered below the national average which has allowed then to put together a fairly impressive loan portfolio.

SunTrust Mortgage Profile:

Servicing Portfolio: $176.6 billion Number of Investors: 327
Loans Originated: $15.8 billion Number of Correspondents: 1,050
Loans Purchased: $4.8 billion Number of Brokers: 1,809
Total Production: $20.6 billion Number of Locations: 208
Number of Loans Serviced: 1,002,807 Number of Permanent Mortgage Employees: 4,120

* These statistics are valid as of September 2010.

Mortgage Rates offered through SunTrust Bank:

(Rates accurate as of Feb 2011)

30 Yr Fixed Conventional 4.875% 0.125 1.000% 5.007%
15 Yr Fixed Conventional 4.125% 1.125 1.000% 4.496%
30 Yr Jumbo Fixed 5.875% 0.250 1.000% 6.021%
Agency 5/1 ARM 30 Yr 3.500% 0.125 1.000% 3.329%
Agency 7/1 ARM 30 Yr 3.875% 0.250 1.000% 3.570%
30 Yr FHA – Fixed 4.625% 1.250 1.000% 5.401%

The mortgage rates shown above assume a loan-to-value ratio of 80% or less. Consumers may apply online @

BBB Rating For SunTrust Mortgage:

BBB processed a total of 112 complaint(s) about this business in the last 36 months (their standard reporting period). Of the total 112 complaints closed in the last 36 months, 77 were closed in the last 12 months.

Breakdown of Complaint History For SunTrust Bank

- 46 of the complaints were regarding billing or collection issues

- 6 of the complaints were regarding contract disputes

- 43 of the complaints were regarding customer service issues

- 3 of the complaints were regarding refund or exchange issues

- 1 of the complaints was regarding  selling practices

- 13 of the complaints were regarding servicing issues

SunTrust Bank featured on

- Best 5/1 ARM mortgage rates in Florida

* The bank deals and mortgage refinance rates listed in the links above may no longer be available. Check with SunTrust Bank to find the most recent deals and interest rates.

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