StoneBridge Bank CD Rates and Bank Review

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StoneBridge bank, based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, was established in 1999. As of June, 2012, they have roughly 40 employees and 7 branch locations within the state. They offer both brick and mortar banking to individuals in Pennsylvania as well as internet banking services to customers nationwide. Stonebridge Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stonebridge Financial Corp., a holding company registered with the Federal Reserve Bank.

As of 2012, they hold roughly $255 million in consumer deposits and have almost $200 million in loans. Your deposits and savings accounts with Stonebridge Bank are federally insured up to $250k by the FDIC (Stonebridge FDIC number – 35077).

StoneBridge Bank CD Rates (2012)

(Rates accurate as of June, 2012)

StoneBridge Bank’s CD rates are far less competitive this year than they have been in the past. Currently their highest yielding deposit is a 5 year CD yielding 0.60% APY. This just half the current national average and quite a bit lower than the top 5 year deposits from online banks in our database. Complete list of CD rates below.

  • 6 month CD yielding 0.30% APY requiring a minimum deposit amount of $500.
  • 12 month CD yielding 0.35% APY requiring a minimum deposit amount of $500.
  • 18 month CD yielding 0.40% APY requiring a minimum deposit amount of $500.
  • 24 month CD yielding 0.45% APY requiring a minimum deposit amount of $500.
  • 36 month CD yielding 0.50% APY requiring a minimum deposit amount of $500.
  • 60 month CD yielding 0.60% APY requiring a minimum deposit amount of $500.

The outlook on savings accounts and certificates of deposit in general isn’t great. The FED has stated that key rates will remain at these near zero levels until at least 2014. We dont expect StoneBridge Bank to significantly raise their savings rates until 2014 as well.

StoneBridge Bank’s online banking features are on par with most other FDIC-insured online banks. These features include  real-time account balance viewing through their online interface as well as historical transaction and payment information.

Contact StoneBridge Bank:

624 Willowbrook Lane
West Chester, PA 19382
(800) 807-1666

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  • Even Webber

    Does this bank even have employees? I can never get a hold of people at the bank and have held a number of accounts with them including three CDs back in 2009.