Rebuilding Credit History with Orchard Bank Visa Cards

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Attention: These offers are not currently available but may be offered again in the future. Below is our review of these cards. Visit our current top credit card offers for rebuilding credit.

Looking to reestablish your credit history? Orchard Bank Visa Cards can help you get your credit back on track.

Unlike most credit cards, these cards’ primary function is to help rebuild one’s shaky credit history. They do this by reporting MONTHLY to all three major credit bureaus and by taking the initiative to keep you informed of payment due dates with reminder text messages and online payment options.

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Applying for an Orchard Bank Visa Card:

The Orchard Bank credit cards are actually four separate cards – each with slightly different features, terms and conditions. Before applying, you wont know which card you are eligible for. After applying, they pull our credit score and match it with one of their four cards. Of the four, there are three unsecured cards and one secured card. All of them report to the three major credit bureaus and you are guaranteed to be approved for one of these cards regardless of your score.

If you have a number of negative items on your credit report you will likely be issued the secured card. With this card you must make an initial deposit (current minimum amount set at $500). Your card will then have a credit limit equal to the amount of your deposit.

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Orchard Bank Visa Card Features:

    • Reports to 3 major credit bureaus monthly providing you the opportunity to rebuild your credit score!
    • Acceptance at millions of locations worldwide, including website purchases and reservations
    • Your account information is updated and at your fingertips 24/7 so you can manage it your way
    • Email and text messages to remind you of your upcoming payment due date with online enrollment
    • On-call customer service representatives to assist you with questions or concerns

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