Police and Fire Federal Credit Union offers top CD rates

May 21, 2010 1 Comment »

Thanks to BankVibe.com reader Tim for submitting one of the highest yielding 5 year CD rates in the entire country!

As of May 20, 2010, if you are eligible to join Police and Fire Federal Credit Union, you can lock in a 5 year CD at 4.0% APY. The minimum deposit required is just $500 and they offer this rate for both traditional 5 year CD’s and for IRA CDs.

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union has locations throughout Pennsylvania and despite what their name insinuates they actually allow membership to a number of individuals in the Philadelphia area – even those who haven’t served in the Police or Fire Department.

Review membership eligibility here for further information.

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union is within the top 25 largest credit unions in the country by both membership and assets. As of 2012, they control just over $4 billion in total assets and nearly $3.4 billion in consumer deposits. They have just under 450 employees serving their 200,000+ members around the country.

We love giving credit to smaller financial institutions around the country that choose to offer exceptional yields on their federally insured savings products. We also know that a number of the institutions we mention are fairly exclusive – whether it be in terms of geography or employment. Therefor you may want to stop by our list of top CD rates offered by credit unions to find one that can accept you as a member.

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of ‘A +’ and just one registered complaint throughout their history. The complaint was both opened and closed over three years ago and revolved around billing and collection issues.

Current CD Rates offered through Police and Fire Federal Credit Union:

- 5 years 4.00% APY
- 4 years 3.50% APY
- 3 years 3.00% APY
- 30 months 2.50% APY
- 2 years 2.25% APY
- 18 months 1.50% APY
- 15 months 1.45% APY
- 1 year 1.40% APY
- 9 months 1.35% APY
- 6 months 1.25% APY
- 3 months 1.20% APY

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  • Lynn Titus

    My mom is interested in a CD. She wants to put it in 3 names (her and her
    2 daughters). If she were to pass away she would like to know if we
    would have a problem taking it out to pay for funeral expenses. Thank
    you for your help.