Piedmont Credit Union Offers Top CD Rates

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If you happen to live in Virginia and are in the market for a bank CD, you may want to stop by a local Piedmont Credit Union. Currently, once a member of Piedmont Credit Union (Virginia), you can lock in some CD rates which are beating the national averages by significant margins. Some of their top CD rates include a 6 month CD yielding 1.01% APY, a 12 month CD yielding 1.52% APY, a 2 year CD yielding 1.77% APY, and a 5 year CD yielding 2.53% APY. Their bank deposits all come with a minimum deposit requirement of $1,000.

Piedmont Credit Union is headquartered in Danville, Virginia and is a fairly exclusive credit union when it comes to membership.

Who can join?

You are eligible for membership in Piedmont Credit Union if you live or work in the city of Danville, VA or the counties of Pittsylvania and Halifax in Virginia.   You may also join the credit union if someone in your immediate family is already a member regardless of where you live or work.

Piedmont Credit Union was originally founded by a teacher 40 years ago to serve as an education association credit union. The credit union’s sole purpose at that time was to serve the financial needs of that limited group of individuals as well as their families. After a couple decades of growth within that niche they began to broaden their acceptance in the 1980′s to cover a few selected employers. In 2009 they made their latest acceptance modification to include any individuals or families living in certain areas of Virginia (mainly Danville, VA).

Compare these CD rates with the best CD rates in Virginia.

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