Patelco Credit Union’s New Member Certificate: 7.0% APY!

June 8, 2009 8 Comments »

patelco credit union cd promoPatelco Credit Union out of Pleasanton, California near San Francisco, has a very enticing deposit product for any prospective customers. Currently, if you become a new member to their credit union, they will offer you a 12 month CD (certificate of deposit) yielding an astounding 7.00% APY!

If you’re a veteran saver, you may not want to get too excited for this offer though as it has a maximum deposit allowance of just $1,000.

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This is a great deposit product for anyone looking to invest just $1k. If you’re looking for a solid rate on larger balances you may want to check out today’s top 5 year deposits. With interest rates on the decline (headed to between 0.25 and 0.50 percent according to the latest FED meeting) then locking into a longer term deposit with a solid rate may be a smart move to hedge against future falling rates.

Patelco Credit Union’s 12 month new member CD terms and conditions:

  • Available for a limited time.
  • Funds deposited to this account must come from an institution other than Patelco.
  • Minimum deposit $1,000, maximum deposit $1,000.
  • Account available to new members only-must open a new membership.
  • One certificate per member.
  • Not available as an IRA certificate.

If you are looking to invest a larger chunk of money (>$1,000) in an FDIC insured investment, then I wouldn’t count on Patelco Credit Union for any great rates. Other than their promotional 12 month new member certificate, their rates are fairly underwhelming. The next best CD rate they offer is a 60 month CD with an APY of 2.55%.

Patelco Credit Union is a fairly large credit union with locations throughout the middle of California. They have a little over 250,000 members as well as 450 employees. Since their inception in 1936, they have grown to control roughly $3.3 billion in deposits and $2.0 billion in loans.

Contact them at or (800) 358-8228.

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  • http://BankVibe Farmer Frank

    My family bought two of these CDs in May 2008 (curiosity), matured in May 2009, each yielded $1,069 and odd-change. I thought it was a FINE showing for a thousand dollar investment over one year! NO regrets! Thank you, Patelco CU! Had the rollover rates been a bit more attractive, maybe in the 3.00% APY range like Melrose CU, Patelco would still have our money. We need to use our noses to sniff things out and find the best.

  • Seth

    Farmer Frank,

    Did they try to roll over your account into another 1 year CD with a lower rate?

  • Blogging Banks

    Well there’s always a catch ;-) But an extra $40 with the 7% yield is certainly worth it to open a CD at patelco, vs a comparable 1 year CD at 2.5%-3%.

  • http://BankVibe Farmer Frank

    To Seth: No, they didn’t. Their 1-year rollover rates WERE much lower (but had always been), so it seemed in my family’s best interest to redeem the CDs after one year and look elsewhere. We received notices (mail) several weeks before maturity reminding us of the approaching date. Several days after maturity I contacted them (within their grace period) and asked to redeem the CDs. No arguments, persuasion to the contrary, promotional pitches of other products, etc. In less than a week our checks arrived for the redemption amounts of the CDs. And…we’re still on good terms! We couldn’t be more pleased.

    To Blogging Banks: If there was a catch, I never found it. I must summarize their dealings with my family as honest, honorable and open. I believe it (7%) is their way of attracting new customers, many of whom will choose to stay on board for the longer term. The extra $40 is just that; the CD is limited to new customers only, with a $1,000 investment, no MORE and no LESS. How can it hurt to park a grand at Patelco for a year? As today’s young folks would say, ‘It’s a no-brainer.’ By the way, folks, they have a great program for younger (children) savers that pays 8%, but I’m not up on the details. Check their web site for the minutiae.

  • http://BankVibe Farmer Frank

    CORRECTION: I just went to Patelco’s web site and searched the rate tables for reference to the children’s savings program, but found no mention of it. Perhaps they phased it out without much fanfare. My sincerest apologies to the readers for what now appears to be misinformation.

  • Ian

    I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this CD if they had something better than a 1.50% 12 month CD to roll it into after maturity IMO

  • Farmer Frank

    To Ian:

    You can’t in any way go wrong putting a thousand dollars into a 1-year CD at Patelco at 7% interest. Why pass on the 7% based on speculation of what their rates will be a year from now? Remember, $1,000; no more and no less, so we aren’t talking about a great deal of money here. And, what does a 1.50% present day rollover interest rate have to do with a 7% rate, for one year, starting now?

    In 12 months you may indeed see much higher interest rates (and can roll it over then). Maybe they’ll be less than 1% and you’ll be glad you spent a year earning 7%! At present, they aren’t promoting rollover rates, only today’s 7% rate, which is a humdinger in my book! In my judgment, future rollover rates aren’t an issue when deciding what to buy (or not buy) today. What matters is the 7%-for-a-year (starting now). When next year BECOMES “today” you can make the decision then. Happy investing!

  • BankVibe

    Thanks for your input FarmerFrank! As always, your investment experience adds tremendous value to our site!