Open a HomeStreet Bank Checking Account and Snag $300

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Open a HomeStreet Bank Checking Account and Snag $300

Attention all Pacific Northwest and Hawaii residents looking to switch checking accounts this year – HomeStreet Bank will offer you up to $300 in cash for choosing them as your checking account provider!

Before we dive into this lucrative checking account bonus, we’d like to make it known that you must stop by a local branch to take advantage of it. Period. Once you’ve stopped by the branch and opened the checking account, you’ll be able to conduct the vast majority of your banking online, however unlike other checking account promotions this one can’t be opened online.


Visit HomeStreet Bank’s Checking Account Center for further details on the promotion.


$300 HomeStreet Bank Checking Account Promotion 2013:

* Offer available as of 2012

Here is how the deal works – choose any one of three checking accounts offered from HomeStreet (all three options are eligible for the bonus).

Option 1 – Free Checking

Option 2 – Deluxe Checking

Option 3 – Premier Checking

The graphic below highlights the major differences between the three different account options.


As you can see the primary differences are simply balance amounts. If you plan on keeping more than $2,500 in your account at all times you’ll probably opt for the “Premier Checking Account” as it generally comes with a higher interest rate, more foreign ATM usage refunds, and general account features. If you slip below the $2,500 minimum balance requirement, however, you’ll incur a $10 fee for that month.

After you’ve selected your checking account the cash bonus will come in the following increments:

1) You’ll nab the first $100 after setting up a direct deposit.

2) You’ll get an additional $80 in 2 dollar increments for every purchase you make with the new debit card you receive with the account.

3) You’ll get $15 for each bill payment (up to $75 total) for using their online bill payment system.

4) You’ll get $25 for bringing in your old checkbook and checks from your previous bank.

5) You’ll then get the final $20 for signing up to receive e-statements – aka going paperless.

If you’ve taken advantage of this offer from HomeStreet Bank, please share your experience by leaving a comment!


Remember, you must stop by an actual branch to take advantage of this promotion. Looking for online checking account deals? Visit our promotional checking page.

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    They’ve got a new promo now, just $100 in Visa GC or $90 in cash.