No Closing Costs or Fees with a Mortgage from Randolph Bank

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Here is a seemingly decent deal going on through Randolph Bank of North Carolina. Currently when you apply and are approved for a new mortgage, home loan or refinance you will incur no closing costs and no origination fees. Needless to say, this would be a spectacular deal if their mortgage rates were below the current national average (or even on par with it) to go along with these discounts, however, they do not disclose their rates on their website. They do claim that their mortgage rates are “excellent” though, so it may be worth a phone call.

A bit about Randolph Bank:

Randolph Bank & Trust Company was granted a charter in late 1977, and first opened for business at 175 North Fayetteville Street in Asheboro on November 6, 1978.

The bank opened its first branch office, the North Asheboro Branch on March 19, 1981.
The Dixie Drive Branch was opened on December 2, 1985, and also includes the bank’s board of directors meeting room. The bank opened its fourth office, and first office outside Asheboro, on August 30, 1988, in the town of Randleman.

In 1992, Randolph Investment Services was formed as a subsidiary of the bank, and offers our customers a variety of non-deposit products and services – primarily mutual funds, stocks, life and accident insurance, annuities, and other investment products.

The bank’s fifth office, West Pointe, was opened on August 29, 2000, and is located on NC Highway 49 South in Asheboro.

Their sixth full service office was added on June of 2002, when a merger with Morris Plan Bank in Burlington was completed. The expansion into Alamance County was the bank’s first banking facility outside of Randolph County.

Mortgage Loans through Randolph Bank: (as seen on their website)

Great mortgage rates with no delay on your loan application are two good reasons why your home purchase or refinancing plan should begin with us.

Whether purchasing your first home, refinancing an existing mortgage, buying property for investment purposes, or buying the vacation home you’ve always desired, we offer various mortgage loans to help make your dream of home ownership a reality.

Securing the right financing can be a challenging process. We understand the process and go to great lengths to ensure that every mortgage – from application to closing – is handled quickly and expertly. We continue to make the process as simple and worry-free as possible. And every transaction is backed by service that is as professional as it is warm and personal.

We can assist you in getting pre-qualified for a home loan and, at the same time, help you determine which home loan is suitable for your financial needs. We even offer mortgage loans with NO CLOSING COSTS OR LOAN ORIGINATION FEES. With this option, the fees are not included in your mortgage balance because we pay the closing costs for you. There’s no catch! A no closing cost loan will have a rate that is slightly higher than if you were to pay closing costs. Don’t wait until interest rates drop dramatically to refinance your mortgage! With our no closing cost mortgage loans, it is a good time to refinance anytime that your rate can decrease, even if only by 1/8th of a percent. Because you will not be paying closing costs, you may be able to immediately notice the savings. If the rates drop in the future, we notify you and you may refinance again with no closing costs and save even more.

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