Navy Federal Credit Union Mortgage Rates + Promotions

October 3, 2011 4 Comments »

If you happen to be eligible to join Navy Federal Credit Union AND are looking to refinance your mortgage or thinking of applying for a new home loan, then you may want to check out NFCU’s current closing cost promotion + rate match offer.

Navy Federal Credit Union will throw down on your closing costs!

For a limited time, Navy Federal Credit Union is paying up to $2,500 of their members closing costs when they refinance their mortgage or obtain a new home loan with them.

They are pretty flexible with this offer too. They’ll let you use this $2,500 towards closing costs or as a credit for fees paid outside of closing (i.e., appraisal fee, credit report, etc.). This is ideal for those who expect closing costs to be lower than the $2,500 promotional offer.

Think you can obtain a better mortgage rate elsewhere? Take Advantage of NFCU’s Rate Match Offer!

Navy Federal Credit Union apparently has a great deal of confidence in their mortgage rates. For a limited time NFCU is also featuring a “Rate Match Offer” which means exactly what it implies. If you find a better mortgage rate from a neighboring credit union or bank, you can present it to a Navy Federal Credit Union employee and they will match the interest rate. If they can’t they will give you $250 in cash after closing costs as consolation.

Current Mortgage Rates offered through Navy Federal Credit Union:

(The rates featured below are accurate as of October 2011. Compare these rates to the lowest mortgage rates from around the country.)

- 30 year fixed rate mortgage featuring an APR of 4.031%.

- 30 year fixed rate jumbo mortgage featuring an APR of 4.157%.

- 15 year fixed rate mortgage featuring an APR of 4.454%.

- 15 year fixed rate jumbo mortgage featuring an APR of 4.581%.

Navy Federal Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the United States by both members and total assets. If you’re looking to join the institution you may be tough out of luck unless you’ve worked in the military, national defense or certain government agencies. Check with for exact qualifications for membership.

Navy Federal Credit Union leaped in popularity within the last 70 years, growing from less than a dozen members to over 3 million. They were originally founded in 1933.

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  • Tim

    awesome I have navyfcu and i didn’t know about this. SWEET

  • BankVibe

    It’s a pretty juicy offer indeed! Hopefully it sticks around for a while.

  • Jamie

    Pentagon Fed CU also has a match your rate type offer and I believe they will also chip in on your closing costs

  • Frank

    Can family members of veterans join? I have several cousins that served but no one in my immediate family