Missouri Bank offering 5.01% APY Rewards Checking Account

March 18, 2009 3 Comments »

Community Bank of Pleasant Hill, out of Pleasant Hill Missouri, is offering new and existing customers a checking account yielding 5.01% APY on all balances up to $25,000 (0.50% on balances exceeding $25,000).

Some of the additional perks offered with this checking account include: Free ATM use nationwide, online banking and bill pay, no minimum balance required and opening balance of only $100. Absolutely no maintenance fees are associated with this account, plus you get a free visa check card.

Here is what is required of you to receive the advertised interest rate:

  • Make at least 10 debit card transactions (Point of Sale) per statement cycle
  • Have at least one monthly ACH direct deposit or ACH auto debit
  • Receive your statements electronically (NOTE – You will want to pay attention to your e-statements as your interest rate is subject to change.)
The Community Bank of Pleasant Hill is a relatively small bank and was founded in just 2006. They have just one branch location, just 10 employees, but over 100 shareholders – all of which reside in the Pleasant Hill area of Missouri. They control a little over $47 million in consumer deposits and service almost $25 million in loans.
Rewards checking accounts such as these – with interest rates well above the national average for certificates of deposit and online savings accounts – can be found throughout most of the midwest and south. If you’re not eligible to join this community bank, be sure to check with your local credit unions as the popularity of these accounts has jumped dramatically. Visit our archives of the best bank deals in Missouri to get a better feel for the offers available.
Interest rates as a whole are on the decline as the FED continues to lower key rates. You can expect rewards checking account rates to come down as well over the next few years, but their yields should still remain higher than traditional 12 month or even multi-year bank deposits.

You may wish to compare this high yield checking account offer with BankVibe’s top 10 interest checking accounts to receive the best rates.

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  • BloggingBanks

    Thanks for bringing this deal to our attention. You should be careful in chasing Rewards Checking Account yields, since they could be changed at any moment. My rewards checking account rate dropped from 6.01% in December 08, to 5.01% in January to 4.01% right now..

  • tetched

    It’s down to 3.01 now. darn.

  • ripped off

    Do not deal with this bank. They have terrible customer service in my opinion and threatened my company that they would raise my interest if I didn’t give them all my accounts.