Low APR Platinum MasterCard offered through AACFCU: 8.90%

January 19, 2010 No Comments »

army aviation credit cardArmy Aviation Center Federal Credit Union has a fairly enticing low APR credit card offer which comes in the form of a platinum MasterCard. The featured APR is 8.90% if you qualify and are approved. To put this offer in perspective the current national average for low APR credit cards currently sits at roughly 12.17% APR. One could conclude this offer is around 30% off the current retail price! Their only other credit card offer is a Rewards Platinum MasterCard which holds an APR of 12.90%.

Keep in mind the terms for both of their featured credit card offers are considered “revolving” and can change at anytime with limited or no notice. Contact their customer service department for further details.

Applying to AACFCU:

To join Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union, begin by opening a share savings account with a $5 deposit, plus $1 (one time) membership fee per member. Your share savings account establishes you as a member of the credit union and once you are a member, you can maintain your membership-no matter where you live or work in the future. Their checking accounts have no minimum balance, no monthly service fees and no per check fees.

AACFCU locations:

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union has 15 locations in Alabama and 3 in the Emerald Coast region of Florida. They also have 3000 branch offices at Credit Union Service Center locations nationally and in six foreign countries.

Our Take:

We rarely recommend credit cards from credit unions for things like rewards points, travel, or sign-up bonuses, however credit unions generally have decent low APR options such as this one. What we see from these not-for-profit institutions is credit products geared toward helping individuals establish or build credit (with more forgiving APR’s, terms and conditions) with the trade-off of also being no frills products.

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