List of Bank Deals with Cash Bonuses Still Available!

November 29, 2011 No Comments »

Since the beginning of last summer bank deals have been fairly abundant when compared to the two most previous years. Both new credit card holders and new checking account consumers have been subject to a number of lucrative rewards in 2011. Credit cards were offering their best deals in the summer and checking accounts seem to just be peaking now.

Top 2 Credit Card Offers with Bonuses For the Holidays:

1) Chase Freedom® MasterCard – $200 Bonus Cash Back – This offer has been on the table for a little while now but is certainly one of the most lucrative. With a new Chase Freedom MasterCard customers can get $200 in cash back after just $500 in purchases. The card comes with no annual fee and has a recurring rewards structure that is fairly generous as well. For this holiday shopping season you’ll be able to get 5% Cash Back on up to $1,500 spent on dining, department stores, movie theaters and charitable organizations from today through 12/31/11. After the new year you’ll get another set of categories in which the 5% cash back will apply, and so on, with rewards rotating every quarter.

2) Discover® More® Card’s Limited Time $150 Holiday Bonus – The Discover More Card regularly tops our charts for the best cash back credit card on the market. And since they’ve decided to sweeten the pot with a $150 cash bonus this Holiday Season, we’re guessing these cards are flying off the shelves. Currently new card holders can nab 150 bucks after opening the card and spending $1,000 with it in 3 months. You’re also entitled to 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months. Plus you can take advantage of their famous 20% cash back program when you shop online with “ShopDiscover” which includes a number of well known retailers. Outside of that you’ll earn a similar 5% cash back rotating rewards structure as the Chase Freedom Card (listed above) plus 1% cash back on everything else.

Top 2 Checking Account Bonuses For the Holidays:

Before we mention our favorite checking accounts with cash bonuses, we’d like to remind you that these offers are available nationwide. We’ve seen a number of geographically exclusive checking bonuses from regional banks and the like come through our inbox, so you may want to stop by your local bank or CU and see if they have any specials available as well.

1) ING Direct Checking Account with $50 Sign-up Bonus – This offer has been very popular over the holidays thus far. This likely came from a bump in consumers looking to switch from their big bank due to the imposition of new fees. Not only does this checking account come with a $50 sign-up bonus but it also boasts zero overdraft fees, zero monthly fees and no ATM surcharges. The account itself is a relieving alternative for consumers looking to switch from their old account(s) with pricey fees. The $50 sign up bonus just may be the tipping point.

2) Huntington Bank’s $100 Checking Account Bonus – Here’s a fantastic checking account that’s only available until the end of today! To get the $100 bonus you must first open the account then make at least 5 debit card purchases and set up one direct deposit. Slightly more commitment is involved with this checking bonus than the one offered by ING, but if you’re looking to make this your new primary checking account and you reside near a few Huntington Bank branches this may be perfect for you. You can also open the account and get the bonus online.

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