Kansas CD (certificate of deposit) rates: Top 3

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Below are the best CD rates available to residents in the state of Kansas. These come in the form of 3 month CDs, 15 month CDs, and 20 month CDs. The reason their maturities are not on the traditional 6 month increments is because they are promotional savings products. Generally when a bank or credit union offer a promotional CD rate it will be accompanied with an odd maturity.

The local CD rates available in Kansas are significantly higher than the rates you would find nationally available for the same maturities. A couple weeks ago we attempted to settle the debate of choosing between local CD rates vs. national CD rates but it ended rather inconclusively. The bottom line is that it varies from state to state.

How did we compile this list? As you are probably aware, higher CD rates tend to accompany longer maturities and since we did not want to strictly list long maturity CD’s we decided to list the deposit rates which beat the national average by the highest margins.

Top 3 CD rates: Kansas

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  • CoreFirst Bank and Trust: Topeka, KS. 3 month promotional CD yielding 2.25% APY with a minimum balance of $10,000. This promotional product became effective today and is only available for a limited tme. They call it the “Pick your term” deposit because you can select the maturity you want (between 3 and 12 months). The rest of CoreFirst Bank and Trust’s certificates of deposit come with $1,000 minimums. CoreFirst also has a “32 month option” CD which is yielding 3.10% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000. If you would like to make a deposit but aren’t located near a physical branch you can make remote deposits with their internet banking options.
  • Bank VI: Salina, KS. 15 month promotional CD yielding 2.75% APY with a minimum deposit of $500. Bank VI has a few noteworthy certificate of deposit promotions going on. Besides the 15 month offer they have a 20 month special and a 26 month special yielding 2.80% and 2.85% respectively. They call these “Double Jump CD Special” and the “Sparkler Special.” They came into effect on the 27th of July and all require at least a $500 deposit. Bank VI has two locations, one in Salina and the other in Geneseo, Kansas. They have internet banking options as well and may be able to accept deposits without a physical visit.
  • Famers National Bank: Stafford, KS. 20 month promotional CD yielding 3.00% APY with a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. This is currently their only promotion and comes with a higher deposit minimum than their traditional CD’s which come with a minimum deposit of $500. This rate became effective on the 1st of August. Farmers National Bank is an independently owned Kansas bank providing banking products and services since 1886. Farmers National Bank was organized under a National charter in Stafford. The original bank is located in Stafford, KS. They have three locations in Stafford, Buhler and Inman, Kansas.

Compare with today’s top CD rates nationwide below:

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  • http://banksix.com Ashlee Rowson

    I am currently employed by BANK VI and was checking the internet for comparable CD rates to ours. This website has not been updated in quite a while since we no longer offer the Double Jump CD’s and the Sparkler Special. The rates have changed also from what is listed on this site. It would be much appreciated if you would correct this since we are having calls regarding the findings on this website. Thank you for your help.

    Ashlee Rowson
    Retail Banking Strategies
    BANK VI Salina, KS