Highest yielding money market account rates in Kansas

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Below are the highest yielding money market account rates serving citizens of the state of Kansas.

If you are strictly after the best interest rate then you have a variety of options that will provide you with similar yields. The question you need to ask yourself is, “what type of minimum balance can I keep?” Most money market accounts provide a given interest rate based on a certain account balance. The more money you are able to keep in these accounts, the higher the interest rate you will generally receive.
After sorting through dozens of interest rate tables belonging to banks and credit unions serving the state of Kansas, we have found that in some instances you will lock in more competitive rates with national institutions rather than local ones (if you are eligible). Before committing to one of the banks/credit unions listed below, you may want to browse through our national money market rate tables.

Keep in mind, money market rates are time-sensitive in nature, therefor you may want to refer to the date of this article for accuracy. As with all money market accounts, the interest rates are variable and are subject to change without notice.

Top 2 money market rates in Kansas:

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  • Bank of Tescott: Tescott, KS. Money market account yielding 2.25% APY with a minimum balance of $4,000. If your account falls below the $4k mark you will only receive an APY of 1.0%. An initial deposit of $500 is required to open this account. Bank of Tescott has four branch locations all of which are in Kansas. They have two branches in Tescott, one in Salina and one in Lincoln. The were organized as a corporation on March 18, 1887. One of the signers of the Certificate of Incorporation was T. E. Scott, who is known as the founder of Tescott. This bank has seen significant growth throughout the past century. In 1937 the bank managed $416,000 in assets, they now manage over $157 million (as of 2005). Contact: (785) 283-4217
  • Offerle National Bank: Offerle, KS. Money market account yielding between 1.65% APY and 1.87% APY depending on balance amount. They have not disclosed these rates on there website, however we have been tipped off that these are accurate. Contact the bank for exact APY’s and tiers. Offerle National Bank also has a very respectable rewards checking account offer which is yielding 5.01% APY if all requirements are met. These requirements will include a certain amount of debit card transactions per month, the set-up of e-statements, an automatic debit set-up and possibly other requirements. This bank has 9 branches in Kansas and two in Colorado. This bank goes by different names depending on which city it is located in. Contact the main office at: (785) 866-2920

Both of the above institutions are federally insured by the FDIC. If you live in Kansas and know of a better money market rate offered through your local institution, please share by leaving a comment.

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