Highest yielding money market account rates in Hawaii

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Below are the highest yielding money market account rates serving citizens of the state of Hawaii.

If you are strictly after the best interest rate then you have a variety of options that will provide you with similar yields. The question you need to ask yourself is, “what type of minimum balance can I keep?” Most money market accounts provide a given interest rate based on a certain account balance. The more money you are able to keep in these accounts, the higher the interest rate you will generally receive.

After sorting through dozens of interest rate tables belonging to banks and credit unions serving the state of Hawaii, we have found that in many instances you will lock in more competitive rates with national institutions rather than local ones (if you are eligible). Before committing to one of the banks/credit unions listed below, you may want to browse through our national money market rates tables.

Keep in mind, money market rates are time-sensitive in nature, therefor you may want to refer to the date of this article for accuracy. As with all money market accounts, the interest rates are variable and are subject to change without notice.

Top 2 money market rates in Hawaii:

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  • Wings Financial Federal Credit Union: Honolulu, HI. Money market account yielding 1.92% APY with a minimum balance of $5000. There are no monthly fees or surcharges related with this account. There are no minimum balances required, however anything under $5000 will not provide an interest rate. You are entitled to 2 free withdrawals per month, each withdrawal after will cost $20. Dividends are calculated using the average daily balance method. Membership is available to most people employed in, retired from, or whose job directly supports the air transportation of people or cargo, immediate family members of persons engaged in such activities, and family members (including household relationships) of a current credit union member. Contact (800) 692-2274
  • Home Street Bank: Pearl City, HI. Money market account yielding 1.15% APY with a minimum balance of $10,000. Although Home Street Bank is headquartered in the pacific northwest they also serve consumers in Hawaii. Contact: (800) 719-8080

Both of the above institutions are federally insured by either the NCUA or FDIC. If you live in Hawaii and know of a better money market rate offered through your local institution, please share by leaving a comment.

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