Highest yielding CD Rates in North America

January 9, 2009 7 Comments »

After reviewing foreign currencies to invest in, I did some digging into top bank CD rates in our hemisphere and found one bank in particular yielding an astonishing 12-19%!

However, before you get too excited about the offer you may want to conduct a tad due diligence on your own as they have a D rating along with several comments regarding being ripped-off.

Capital Bank, Mexico is a Mexican Savings and Loan Association regulated by the Mexican Federal Banking Commission. Unlike the US, the Mexican government does not offer bank insurance. However, according to Capital Bank, no depositor of a Mexican bank has ever lost any principal or interest in over 75 years (according to Capital Bank’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page). That being said – right now they are offering 9 month CD’s yielding 12 percent and 3 year CD’s offering 18 percent! They sweeten the pot by offering an additional 1% if you opt for the jumbo CD.

Safely Invest in Foreign Currency CDs Here. FDIC Insured.

Here is a complete list of the CD rates offered by Capital Bank of Mexico:

90 day term – Certificate of Deposit

12% APR – interest payable monthly – $5,000 minimum deposit

One Year term – Certificate of Deposit

14% APR – interest payable monthly.- $20,000 minimum deposit

Two Year term – Certificate of Deposit

16% APR – interest payable monthly.- $20,000 minimum deposit

Three Year term – Certificate of Deposit

18% APR – interest payable monthly.- $20,000 minimum deposit

*Keep in mind they will add an additional 1 percent for any Jumbo CD investment.

Our Take:

Proceed with extremem caution. We understand the value that certificates of deposit have in the fact that they are virtually risk free, however, this likely can’t be said for this bank and their deposits. While they claim to have always returned their customers principal plus interest, there is simply no way of knowing whether or not this is actually the case. If you’re considering investing in foreign currency CDs, you may want to check out our review of EverBank’s money market account as they allow their customers to invest in a number of foreign currency deposits. Remember if a foreign currency rises or falls against the dollar while your money is tied up in the CD, this will have a direct impact on your earnings and could even eat away at the principal.

If anyone can enlighten us into the foreign banking/investment world please do so by leaving a comment.

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  • Ben

    Is this for real? Why don’t more people do this?

  • BloggingBanks

    This looks a lot like a scam Bankvibe. Don’t fall for it. The site out there has been in existence for only one year. No FDIC insurance + very high yields + no actual physical address..

  • admin

    It’s certainly suspicious and I would use extreme caution. Thanks for dropping by BloggingBanks.

  • Rick

    When you apply online, you don’t get to choose a CD to buy. You get a call back to discuss your investment options. I didn’t call back.

  • http://bankvibe.com Joe BagofDonuts

    Consider the origin – Mexico, land of transparent, effective government, moral integrity, and opportunity. No legacy of corruption either…. Yeah, right!

  • Rob of NYC

    Please read review from Fat Wallet – more like an alert


  • jimmy b


    Pilot Bank of Florida has a D- Rating..Not very good my friend