Highest CD Rates in California (2013 Edition)

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Looking to lock in a decent CD rate in California this year?

We’ve compiled a list below of the highest yielding deposit rates from California banks and credit unions this year, however, you may be a tad disappointed at the rather pathetic yields the top products are pumping out.

It’s no secret that 2012 (and all of 2011 for that matter) have been horrendous for savers. Money market accounts, online savings accounts and bank CDs have all been struggling to give savers any rate worth mentioning.

As of 2013, if you’re trying to lock in a 12 month CD you’ll be hard pressed to find a rate much better than 1.0% APY and even if you are considering a much longer term CD (say, a 5 year CD) you’ll have a difficult time getting an annual percentage yield much higher than 1.50% APY.

So even after reiterating the doom-and-gloom state of the market for savers, if you’re still interested in opening a CD, and want to bank locally in California, then here are our top finds from both local credit unions and community banks serving residents throughout the state.

If you live in CA and know of a better CD rate offered through your local bank, let us know by leaving a comment!

California CD Rates – Highest APY’s in 2013:

Rates accurate as of February 2013. Visit our CD rates center for updated rates and promotions from around the country. Also, keep in mind that the products we’ve mentioned below are short term CDs with durations between 6 and 24 months. You can likely lock in slightly higher rates from CDs with longer maturities, however we wouldn’t recommend going long on a bank CD in this environment as rates will likely rise in the next two years.

Min. Deposit
American Plus Bank
(Arcadia, CA)
6 Month CD 0.75% $10,000 (626) 821-9188
CapitalSource bank
(Los Angeles, CA)
6 Month CD 0.75% $10,000 (213) 443-7700
Neighborhood National Bank
(San Diego, CA)
6 Month CD 0.75% $10,000 (619) 239-3360
PATELCO Credit Union
(San Leandro, CA)
12 Month CD 5.00% ($1,000 max) (888) 766-2424
Beal Bank
(Sacramento, CA)
12 Month CD 1.06% $1,000 (469) 467-5000
Sun Community Federal Credit Union 12 Month CD 1.01% $500 (760) 337-4200
Community Valley Bank
(El Centro, CA)
24 Month CD 1.25% $2,500 (760) 352-1889
American Airlines Federal Credit Union
(San Jose, CA)
24 Month CD 1.16% $10,000 (650) 877-6105
Mega Bank
(San Gabriel, CA)
24 Month CD 1.16% $2,500 (626) 282-3000

To put the offers above in perspective the national average for 6 month CDs sits at roughly 0.30% APY. The national average for 1 year CDs sits at roughly 0.70% APY and the national average for 2 year CDs sits at roughly 0.90% APY.

Compare California’s top CD rates (above) to the top rates offered to consumers in all 50 states below.

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