High Interest Checking Account yielding 5.26% APY

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Update 2012: The Bank of Ripely is currently offering 2.51% APY on this account for balances up to just $15,000. You will probably need to make this your primary checking account to earn the 2.51% APY because they require 10 debit transactions per month as well as a direct deposit. If you do not meet the requirements, your APY shrinks to .05% and you will no longer receive ATM reimbursements. Compare this with our updated list of current rewards checking accounts.

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An amazing “Rewards Checking Account” promotion is going on through Bank of Ripley (out of Ripley, Tennessee) in which they are offering customers a lucrative 5.26% APY savings rate on all balances below $25,000.

Currently, there a large handful of banks and credit unions offering very enticing high interest checking rates and Bank of Ripley’s Rewards Checking Account sits near the top of this pile.

To open this checking account and receive the advertised savings rates you must initially fund this account with at least $100. This account is available to all consumers nationwide, however, like most high interest savings account offers there may be a few specific geographic exceptions. Some of the notable benefits of this account (besides the astounding savings rate) are free ATM use (aka ATM reimbursement), no minimum balance requirements, and no monthly fees.

For balances exceeding $25,000 an interest rate of 1.00% APY will be applied. Contact them for more details.

About Bank of Ripley:

The Bank of Ripley began operations in 1939 following the Great Depression. In Ripley, Tennessee, there was a substantial need among residents during this time for a community bank willing to provide hardworking locals with financial assistance. Since then they have remained fairly small with an intense focus on Lauderdale County, Tennessee. In fact they didn’t open a branch outside the county until 1999. Today they have just 4 locations – 3 in Ripley, TN and 1 in Covington, TN.

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  • Kelly

    Coulee Bank also offers a great Rewards Checking account. They offer 5.01% APY and it is available nationwide. You can apply online at http://www.couleebank.net.