High Interest Checking Account through 3 Rivers Credit Union Indiana

February 22, 2009 5 Comments »

Update 2012: 3 Rivers CU is no longer offering their “Epic Checking Account” with a 5 percent yield. As of 2012, this account features a still respectable 2.25% APY with the same requirements from below. However, they now cap the eligible balance for their advertised interest rate at just $10,000. All account holders will receive an APY of just 0.30% on balances above $10k.

Rewards checking accounts as a whole still features APY’s that smash the current national average for both money market accounts and certificates of deposits, but like all FDIC-insured savings products, their rates have dipped dramatically over the last few years. To compare today’s top rewards checking offers of 2012 visit our survey here.

3 Rivers Credit Union of Indiana is currently offering an amazing interest rate on their “rewards checking account.” As of this month customers can sign up for their “Epic Checking Account” which yields a 5.01% APY on all balances up to $25,000 (2.0% APY on all balances above $25k).

Make sure you meet the requirements for this high interest checking account or you will receive a pathetic rate of just 0.25% APY on all balances.

Requirements for obtaining 5.01% APY checking account:

  • actively enroll in E-Statements (you’ll want to do this anyway because rates are subject to change without notice)
  • at least 10 VISA check card transactions each month (one direct deposit, automatic debit or Online Bill Payer payment each month)

3 rivers Credit Union’s high interest checking account also comes with free ATM usage nationwide up to $12.00 per month. In other words, if you are charged $2.00 per withdraw at a competing ATM, then make sure you only make 6 of these transactions per month or the rest of the fees are on you.

About 3 Rivers Credit Union:

3 Rivers CU is a regional and geographically exclusive credit union serving residents in both Ohio and Indiana. They were first established in 1935 and today service roughly 68,000 members in the area.

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  • Kelly

    I recommend Coulee Bank – 5.01% APY on free Rewards Checking account. The great part is that is available nationwide at http://www.couleebank.net

  • http://www.venturebankdirect.com Christine Washington

    I see there are some requirements in order to receive the 5.01% that you are talking about on the high yield checking. It will be interesting to see how long that rate lasts and if it’s just a teaser rate to bring in customers.

  • http://alliancebank.com Roger

    Alliance Bank Freedom Checking pays 5% APY as of February 25, 2009. This is a great rate considering the economy and where most other bank’s rates are. In order to get the 5%, you have to have one automatic ACH debit or credit, login to Internet banking, get your statement online, and have 10 debit card transactions. If you do all of this, not only do you get the 5%, you also get up to $50 refunded in ATM surcharges. THat is GREAT, since an ATM withdrawal can have as much as a $3 fee on it. Also, the best part is that this bank is a solid community bank, not one of those mega banks where a customer is just a number. Those dang mega banks and on the brink of disaster whereas the community banks are solid.

  • Kelly

    Some banks have offered “teaser” rates to suck customers in, but I can say that Coulee Bank has been between 5-6% for since it started. Many banks recently dropped down as low as 2-3% but Coulee Bank only went to 5%. They seem to be a very trustworthy bank. I also saw they have a Bauer rating of 5 – you can look up bank ratings at http://www.bauerfinancial.com/home.html


  • Type 0

    Now at 4.01 & 1.25 APY.