Heartland Community Bank's Interest Checking Account: 4.02%

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heartland bank interest plus checkingUpdate – Heartland Community Bank of Arkansas is now offering this “Interest Plus Checking” with an APY of 3.0 percent on balances up to $15,000. Any amount above $15k will still earn a respectable 1.0 percent so long as the monthly requirements are met.

Interest rates in general will likely remain historically low for another couple years. The FED has tentatively set 2014 as the year they will consider raising them. We would recommend using a liquid savings account such as this one until rates rise so that your funds are readily accessible. Find an account with low fees and account features that meet your daily needs rather than solely focussing on rates (as this will inevitably leave you disappointed.) Visit our archives of top rewards checking accounts to find updated offers in your area!

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Here is another great interest checking account available to customers nationwide! Currently Heartland Community Bank out of Arkansas has an “interest plus checking” account which is yielding 4.02% APY on all balances up to $30,000 (1.31% APY paid on all balances above $30k). They also offer free ATM use nationwide in the form of ATM reimbursements. Typically these high interest checking accounts will reimburse a portion of your foreign ATM fees, however, Heartland Community Bank will reimburse all of them.

Benefits of Checking with Interest through Heartland Community Bank:

(as seen on their website)

  • Free ATM’s Nationwide
  • Write as many checks each month without a per-check charge.
  • Earn high-interest yields on your account
  • No minimum balance
  • No service charge
  • Overdraft privilege available
  • Free ATM or Visa check card
  • Telephone Banking
  • Free Internet Banking

Requirements to earn interest rate and free foreign ATM use:

  • Make at least 10 check card transactions
  • Receive a monthly Electronic Statement
  • One direct deposit or ACH Auto Debit
  • Access Online Banking

Visit hbankusa.com for updated rates, terms and conditions.

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