Great Deal on 2 year CD Rates in Missouri

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We just got word on an exceptional 2 year CD rate from a local Missouri Bank known as First Commercial Bank. Currently with a minimum deposit of just $1,000 you can lock in a 24 month CD with an APY of 1.75%. To put this offer in perspective, the national average for 2 year CDs sits at just 1.01% APY.

First Commercial Bank of Missouri has 9 locations throughout the state and can accept deposits over the phone or by stopping in to one of their local branches. They use the daily balance method to calculate your interest and impose a penalty for early withdrawals. They offer bank CDs with durations of 6 months to 5 years, however, their 2 year CD provides the highest APY when compared to the national average.

About First Commercial Bank:

First Commercial Bank has been serving the people of Southeast Missouri for over 85 years.  As a locally owned and operated institution, they claim to strive to help contribute and improve Southeast Missouri and its people. First Commercial Bank offers a full range of banking services, including consumer, real estate, agricultural and business loans and a full complement of deposit services.  “We strive to offer our customers the best possible service, as this is one area we try to do better than our competition,” said Norman B. Harty, the bank’s President and Chairman of the board. They are consistently offering some of the best CD rates and money market rates in Missouri.

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