Get a $125 for Depositing $10k into a Chase Checking Account

May 3, 2012 1 Comment »

"Chase Checking Logo"We were just forwarded a nice little promo from Chase Bank. If you’re a regular here at or if you’re an avid checking account bonus hunter, you’ve probably come across a number of Chase checking deals in the past featuring $100 to $200 bonuses. However unlike previous Chase checking deals in the past, with this particular promotion the bonus money comes fairly quickly – that is, for those with $10,000 or more to deposit.

From now until June 30, 2012, Chase Bank is giving away a $125 bonus for new customers who deposit $10,000 into a Chase checking account (use the promo code below).

Here’s the catch:

1) After 10 days of opening the checking account and making the initial $10,000 deposit, Chase Bank will then deposit the $125 into a Chase Savings account under your name.

2) You will need to add another $175 to this savings account as a $300 total balance is required to avoid a monthly fee.

3) Keep the money in the accounts for at least 30 days.

4) Use this coupon code: 4483497689710136

Our take:

Not too shabby considering a $125 bonus on a $10,000 deposit is a equivalent to a 1.25% return! Compare that with the top 12 month CD rates in your area and I’ll be they aren’t even close to that figure, plus you can earn this in just 30 days.

Also note that we have received this email from Chase Bank. In the promotion they say you’ll need to print out the email, however we’ve provided a screen shot of it below. In the past, readers have suggested printing the screen shot and using the coupon code will suffice.

"Chase checking coupon and coupon code"


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  • Larkin

    The coupon says the bonus is for opening a savings account with 10k not a checking account. You would need to maintain at least a $300 balance to avoid a monthly fee. I know checking accounts must remain open for 6 months to avoid a fee and retain the bonus. I wonder if the same goes for a savings account.

    Is this open to all or is it targeted?