Free Checking Account + $100 Sign-Up Bonus

June 4, 2009 1 Comment »

Just caught wind of another $100 sign up bonus for a free checking account through American Eagle Credit Union! Apparently from now until the end of this month prospective customers are eligible for a $100 bonus when they sign up with American Eagle’s free checking account and complete the specified terms.

Unlike Chase Bank’s free checking account promotion or Washington Mutual’s free checking account, this bonus does not come in one lump sum. American Eagle Credit Union breaks down your rewards into four parts (earning $25 per completed section).

Free checking Account Bonus Terms and Conditions:

(as seen on their promo page)

  • Open your FREE Checking now and receive a CASH BONUS just by adding one or more of these FREE convenient services within 30 days:
  • $25 with a convenient Visa Check Card
  • $25 with Direct Deposit & one transaction
  • $25 with Online Bill Pay & 3 bills paid
  • $100 total with all three FREE services

The offer is available from May 1 to June 30, 2009. For updated bank deals visit our archives to find one near you!

To get the whole bonus you’ll need to set up the account with a qualifying direct deposit and pay 3 separate bills online using their bill pay system all within 30 days of opening the account.

Our take:

This is a decent deal as far as sign-up bonuses are concerned, however, pay close attention to their fees to make sure you don’t get dinged every month. A lot of banks are embedding fees in their checking accounts if certain maintenance requirements aren’t met or if your funds dip below a certain level. While these fees are generally fairly small (between $6 and $20 per month) they can certainly rack up quickly and will likely eat away at the opening bonus. If you’re not coming to the bank with a decent chunk of change or if you aren’t planning on making this your primary checking account, we would recommend setting up a free checking account with a different set of perks.

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    Actually it seems that MTB has actually lowered their bonus to $50 ( there are other options for $25 as well).

    Thanks for finding out about the $100 American Eagle Credit Union bonus.

    There are some $75 bonuses from Bank of America still around that might be worth a second look..