Earn 3.10% in Mega Money Market Account from Redneck Bank

March 22, 2009 2 Comments »

Much thanks to BankVibe reader Carole for pointing out an astounding “Mega Money Market Account” yielding 3.10% APY through Redneck Bank (yes that is their real name). They also have an interest checking account yielding 5.25% APY on all balances up to $10,000 with a respectable 2.25% APY on balances above $10k.

Perhaps the best part of this deal is that it is available nationwide! Many of the other rewards checking accounts BankVibe has covered lately come with geographical restrictions.

I have to say that not only do these guys offer some of the highest rates available for interest checking and money market accounts, they also love to embrace the redneck name along with all of the assumptions that come with it.

At the top of their site, they have tabs with such titles as “Check Yer Balance,” and “Yep We’re a Real Bank.” And guess what? As far as the FDIC in concerned, they ARE a real bank. Your money is federally insured up to $250k, so enjoy their rates while they last!

Here are the features and specifics of their Mega Money Market Account:

- Earns interest of 3.10%  APY* calculated on your daily balance of up to $35,000.
- Amounts over $35,000 earn 1.65%  APY*
- Includes 6 FREE withdrawals per month
- $5 fee for each additional withdrawal

Here are the features and specifics of their Rewards Checking Account:

- FREE Online Banking
- FREE Checking
- FREE Redneck Bank® VISA® CheckCard
- FREE Customer Service
- FREE Daily Email Notification if Overdrawn
- FREE ATM Transactions Worldwide

Requirements for earning 5.25% APY: Make 10 Visa CheckCard transactions per month and receive all bank statements electronically.

Redneck bank is an online affiliate of The Bank of Wichitas.

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  • Jenny

    Their website has an awkward interface in my opionion

  • http://BankVibe Frank Narish

    Yeee-Haw!! If’n dey kin cownt dat hi an’ pay ovur tree puhcent, dey kin have mah budder’negg muney enny day! Bankin’s funner? Aw-haw!