Credit Unions in Ohio Offering Top 30 month CD Rates

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Three credit unions in Ohio are offering 30 month CD rates with yields that crush not only the national average, but the top interest rates from nationally available banks as well. 30 month CD’s are a mid-level term – we wouldn’t call it a short term CD nor a long term one. While we’ve continually preached here at BankVibe that one should be hesitant to get involved in a long term CD given our current environment for savings rates, we believe 30 month CD’s may be a good place to draw the line.

Ben Bernanke made it clear in his latest meeting regarding interest rates that these levels are not expected to rise at least through 2012, so getting involved in a 30 month CD may be good timing in that respect. This will free up your money potentially at a time when rates are on the rise – allowing you to then capitalize on those more favorable market conditions.

That being said, if you happen to live in Ohio (or even in the Midwest) you may want to check out the following 30 month CD rates we were alerted on by three credit unions in Ohio.

Best 30 month CD Rates (Ohio Credit Unions):

*Rates accurate as of October 2011. Visit our CD rates center for today’s top rates.

- Chaco Credit Union (West Chester, OH) is offering 30 month CD’s yielding 1.75% APY with a minimum deposit of $500.

- General Electric Credit Union (Farfield, OH) is offering 30 month CD’s yielding 1.73% APY with a minimum deposit of $500.

- American Airlines Federal Credit Union (Cincinnati, OH) is offering 30 month CD’s yielding 1.61% APY with a minimum deposit of $10,000.

Like most regional credit unions, the above institutions may open their doors to consumers in or around Ohio depending on employment, place of residence and family connections.

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