Chase Slate Credit Card Review – 0% APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers

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Chase Slate Credit Card Review – 0% APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers

Are you paying off credit card debt? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a card with a low annual percentage rate (APR) for your purchases. If this sounds like you, we like the Slate by Chase MasterCard. This card doesn’t come with fancy rewards; however, it’s equipped with a low APR, excellent balance transfer offers and tools to get debt under control fast.

Read on for a summary of the benefits, to see if the Slate by Chase MasterCard is right for you.

Debt Fighting Tools

Slate by Chase MasterCard is equipped with several excellent financial planning tools. With these FREE tools, you can pay off existing debt faster and create a plan for new purchases. Take a look:

Full Pay. Make purchases without paying a penny of interest. The card automatically divides your purchases into categories. Then, each month you can elect to pay off specific categories. For example, you might pay off all gas, groceries or dining purchases.

Split it. This tool makes planning for large purchases simple. Split purchases into easy monthly installments. For example, you might elect to pay $50 a month on a $400 purchase for 8 months. Or, pay $100 a month for six months on a $600 purchase. It’s up to you!

Finish it. This is an excellent feature for paying off existing debt. Schedule a goal for paying off all debt. Then, use the “Finish It” tool to schedule regular monthly payments, based on your individual goals. You’ll benefit from piece of mind, knowing you’re on the road to being debt-free.

Together, these features allow you to keep your credit spending under control and meet your financial goals. In fact, setting a plan to manage and pay off debt is recommended by many financial experts. This card gives you absolute control.

Free Purchase Tracking 

The Slate by Chase MasterCard also offers a FREE “Track it” tool. Purchases are automatically split into user-friendly categories, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Dining
  • Grocery store
  • Drugstore
  • And many more!


With no work on your part, see how much you’re spending in each category. Then, set a budget for each spending category and check monthly to evaluate your goals. Change your category budgets any time, to better meet your needs.

Advanced Security

Credit card fraud is a huge problem. As a result, having a card with extensive fraud protection is a must. The Slate by Chase MasterCard offers special security tools, including a patented fraud protection plan.

The card also features a zero liability policy. This means, if there’s unauthorized use on your account, there’s no deductible and zero liability.

Plus, your account is equipped with security emails and text alerts. Get up to the minute updates, about suspicious activity on your credit card account.

Additional Users

Do you have additional users on your account? If so, you’ll pay $0 for each additional user with the Slate by Chase MasterCard. Easily add or delete users by calling the customer care line. With your permission, they can shop at global merchants around the world.

Rates and Balance Transfers 

Whether you’re paying off existing debt, or minimizing interest payments, we like the Slate by Chase MasterCard’s low rates, compared to other cards.  Plus, they feature generous balance transfer offers, often as low as 0% APR. Some offers extend up to 15 months. As a result, you can payoff credit balances faster and save on interest payments.

Best of all, check out the balance transfer fees. Most cards charge 3 to 5 percent of your balance transfer. This card, however, runs special offers with no balance transfer fee, within the first 60 days of opening an account. Depending on your credit balance, this could save you a bundle.

Annual Fees

The Slate by Chase MasterCard is focused on helping card holders pay off debt faster.Nothing slows down paying off a credit card than extra fees and interest. Unlike many cards, Slate by Chase MasterCard offers no annual fee, which is a $50 to $100 savings.

Do I Qualify? 

The Slate by Chase MasterCard is an excellent card. However, to qualify, you need good credit. The rate you receive will vary, based on a tiered credit structure. This means, the better your credit score, the lower APR you’ll secure, including: standard pricing, premium pricing and elite status (featuring the lowest rates).

Basically, the better your credit, the less you pay in interest. Credit limit is based on creditworthiness and income.

The Verdict 

We like the Slate by Chase MasterCard for its excellent introductory rate offers and balance transfers. Plus, it features FREE tools to get your debt under control, and keep it in check. With no annual fee, this card is an excellent choice. Apply instantly online here.

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