Chase Bank's "Sapphire" Credit Card Review

September 7, 2009 2 Comments »

If you enjoy traveling, the Chase Sapphire Card is an excellent choice. We like this card for its travel friendly perks, from FREE rental insurance, to baggage replacement, to trip insurance. Since the card is accepted in 170 countries, it makes paying for items much easier. Plus, the Chase Sapphire Card offers security protection, with zero liability for unauthorized used.

Right now, you can earn 10,000 points, which is a $100 value, by spending $500 in 3 months. Redeem points for a broad range of rewards, from cruise vouchers, to airline tickets to cold hard cash. The sign-up rewards points change throughout the year depending on how many new cardholders Chase is in the market to capture. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect with this card, so you can decide if it’s right for your situation.

Earning Points with Chase Sapphire:

Earn up to 10 points for each dollar spent with the Chase Sapphire Card. Here’s a breakdown of the simple ways to maximize your point earnings:

Earn 10 Points. Score 10 points for each dollar spent by shopping through the Ultimate Rewards mall, which includes over 300 of your favorite stores.

Earn 2 Points. Accumulate 2 points for every dollar spent dining out, buying airline tickets and staying at your favorite hotels.

Earn 1 Point. Secure 1 point for each dollar spent, no matter where you shop!

Plus, with the Chase Sapphire Card, points never expire. Never feel pressured to use points, to avoid losing them. Save your points for a dream vacation or other special item, without the stress of expiration.

Redeeming Points

The Chase Sapphire card offers several fun ways to redeem your points, including:

Airline tickets
Hotel stays
Rental cars
Cruise certificates
Gift cards
Music downloads
And, even cash (Exchange 2,000 points for $20)

Also, card holders who redeem points for travel benefit from no blackout dates or travel restrictions. Use your points for tickets on the most popular airlines, traveling to any location.

Best of all, Chase Sapphire Card continues to add new rewards to make things interesting. For example, the company added once in a lifetime experiences to the rewards line up, such as special price access to the hottest concerts and events in your city.

Rental Car Insurance

Use your Chase Sapphire Card to rent a car, and benefit from FREE rental car insurance. This auto rental collision damage waiver protects you from risk, when using a rental vehicle. For example, if you rent a car using your card, and the car is involved in an accident or stolen, the card offers protection up to the cash value of the rental vehicle, at no extra cost.

Trip Insurance

Delaying a trip is frustrating. You get stuck at the airport, or a hotel, waiting for your vacation to finally start. The Chase Sapphire card offers protection for these situations, FREE of charge. If your trip is delayed more than 12 hours, your card will cover your expenses, such as meals or an overnight hotel stay.

Plus, if your trip is canceled altogether, the card provides full reimbursement for your expenses.

Lost Luggage

After a long day of travel, you finally arrive at the airport. But, your luggage is lost. The Chase Sapphire card covers checked bags with a delay of 18 hours or more. The card will reimburse you for the emergency purchase of essential items.

Also, if your luggage is stole, the card will provide full reimbursement for your items.

Credit Card Payoff Plan

The Chase Sapphire Card offers a free management tool, allowing you to customize your payment plan and payoff your balance faster. This tool allows you to set a custom goal, such as paying off your credit card balance within six months, and tailor your payments to meet the goal.

Also, use the tool for other goals, such as avoiding interest payments or tracking your spending habits.

No First-Year Annual Fee

Often times, credit cards require an annual fee. Especially, cards with high-value perks and generous travel rewards. The Sapphire Card, however, requires no annual fee or membership costs the first year. Plus, there’s no fees if you accidentally exceed your credit limit.

People Friendly Customer Services

We like this card because it’s easy to get a real person, even at 1am when you’re traveling. The company offers around the clock customer service. Call 24/7 about any problem, from losing luggage, to balance inquires, to trip insurance, and gets a real person to help.

Also, if you lose your card on vacation, simply call to get a replacement card sent on a rush. Customer care even helps arrange for emergency cash until you receive your new card.

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  • Gary

    What is the annual fee after the first year? $95?

    I heard that with these annual fee credit cards you can just call them threatening to cancel and they’ll waive the fee. Anyone had that experience??