Chase Bank’s $200 bonus for opening a business checking account

February 13, 2009 7 Comments »

Here is one of the better bank deals I have seen in a while. Currently Chase bank is offering customers $200.00 for starting a business checking account with them and funding it with – now here’s what makes this deal so attractive – only $500.00! Consider that an immediate 40% return on investment!

Use this Coupon Code: 3385722000048925

It’s fairly straight forward – open a qualifying Chase Business Checking account by 3/28/09 with a minimum deposit of $500 (within 30 days of account opening) and you will receive $200.
Chase Bank Rewards Checking Account Instructions
(This offer applies to business checking accounts only. Below are the qualifying accounts.)

Customers opening a new Chase BusinessClassic Checking, Chase Advanced Business Checking, Commercial Checking, or Chase BusinessPlus Extra Checking accounts (interest counterparts included) are eligible to receive this offer.

To be awarded the cash bonus you must enter the 16-digit coupon code (shown above) into E-coupon at the time of account opening. The $500 minimum deposit is required into the new business checking account within 30 days of account opening to receive offer. Once the deposit has remained in the account for 6 months, the money will be deposited into the Chase Business Checking Account. You can also print out a copy of their promotional page and present it to nearest Chase Bank branch.

One of the major complaints we’ve been hearing lately for checking account bonuses as a whole (for both personal and business accounts) is the waiting period before the bonus is received. The reason you must wait to receive your cash rewards is to prevent people from opening an account, receiving the bonus, then withdrawing the money and closing the account.

After being tipped off on this particular offer by Chase Bank we cruised some message/complaint boards on the web to get a better feel of how customers are perceiving this offer. One of the most frequently posted complaint was that Chase Bank has been shutting down accounts (as of 2012) without much notice to the account holder. The primary reason for accounts being closed is due to low balances and delinquent fee or credit card payments.

If you have experience with Chase’s business checking accounts, please share by leaving a comment below.

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  • Eric

    Can you open this account even if you don’t have a business?

  • Ramond

    Looks like you need to have a registered business for this deal. Good payout though if you just started a small biz

  • BloggingBanks

    “interest bearing accounts are only available to sole proprietorships, non-profit,and government entities”

    I would say that a sole proprietorship also qualifies as a business. I have had readers on my blog register for similar “business checking” deals, while being only sole proprietors or even without a business.

  • cupid

    Yes, you can open as sole proprietor.
    Looking at the details you need $5000 balance otherwise there is monthly service fee for Check Safekeeping of $16.

  • debbie

    I opened up this account. If you open a premier checking account as well, you can waive the monthly fee. Having a business checking account will waive the premier checking account monthly fee/minimum balance requirement, and vice versa. Funny how that works! – Debbie

  • Kness

    Regarding what Debbie said above about the premier and business checking fees cancelling each other out- I called Chase and they said you can only get one of the accounts waived and you can choose which one.

  • Zer0

    What kinda bank requires you to have $200 in your account and if you withdraw and have a number less than 200 in your account, everyday it deducts your next deposit?! what kinda **** is that?!! My family is in a financial crisis for gods sake! my dad works for $12 and hr and i work for $8 and hr. i just got my $500 check and when i deposit it Chase reduced it to $336??! WHAT?! I just lost $164 for nothing?! What kinda **** law is that?