Chase Bank Issues Another $150 Checking Bonus

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Chase Bank Issues Another $150 Checking Bonus

I know a lot of you weren’t able to cash in on the previous Chase checking bonus we posted due to it’s limited availability, however Chase has now redeemed themselves with a $150 cash bonus for new checking account holders nationwide.

Step 1: Use this link and provide Chase with your email address.

Step 2: Open one of Chase’s “Total Checking Accounts” and set up a direct deposit. Word of caution – Be sure to check out their fee structure before you open this account. Chase is known for dinging “low value” customers, so if you don’t hold a certain balance with them they may impose monthly fees.

Avoiding Fees:

As of 2012, you have 3 precise ways of avoiding fees with a Chase Bank checking account. Fulfill one of the following to avoid a $12 monthly fee:

a) set up an automatic deposit of $500 monthly

b) keep your daily checking account balance above $1,500

c) keep at least $5000 in other Chase accounts (CDs, savings, money market, etc)

Step 3: Receive your $150 bonus just 10 days after making the qualifying direct deposit!

Generally Chase targets a specific area to offer their bonuses to and uses a direct (snail mail) marketing campaign with a promo code – making it fairly exclusive. So we really like the way Chase is making this offer available nationwide.

You may want to compare this checking account offer to our top 5 list of checking bonuses available this year.

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