Chase Bank extends it's Business Checking Account Bonus

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Back in October we made note of Chase Bank’s business checking account bonus which was offering anyone in the market for a new biz checking account a free $100 bonus for signing up. This offer was originally set to expire at the beginning of 2010, however, we just got word (thanks to Tom for tipping us off!) that Chase is extending this offer until March 15, 2010.

So… if you’ve recently registered a new business and would like a $100 cash injection (courtesy of Chase Bank) simply obtain a $100 Bonus coupon and take it to your nearest branch!

The terms, conditions and features are still the same as when we originally noted this offer (see link above) so we wont list them again here.

If you’d rather not open a business checking account through Chase or are located outside of their regional territory, there are still several other options available that will offer new customers a little something in the way of cash or rewards for opening a new business account with them.

We would recommend also combing through our database of business credit card offers as well as these may be more fitting for newly formed small businesses.

Business checking accounts in general, are sometimes packaged with fairly steep monthly fees (see Chase Bank’s fees below) if certain monthly requirements aren’t met, so a small business credit card with a respectable reward structure and a low monthly fee may be a better option in this respect.

Chase Bank’s Business Checking Account Fees:

Chase’s business checking account is actually fairly fee free when compared to their personal checking account offer. The fees you’ll need to make note of are as follows:

1) non-ATM usage fee’s – $2.00

2) First $7,500 deposited each month is free. See and type in your zip code for updated fees on deposits above the $7,500 per month mark.

3) 200 monthly transactions allowed. $0.40 fee for each additional transaction.

4) $31 check return fee

5) $27 image statement fee and $25 “check safe-keeping” fee.

If you have experience in running your small or medium sized business through one of Chase Bank’s checking options, please share by leaving a comment.


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