Chase Bank Checking Account Bonuses – $100, $125 and $200

February 1, 2013 34 Comments »

2013_chase_checking_bonusUpdate 2013:

The only chase checking account bonus available so far in 2013, is a $200 gift card bonus (not cash) and requires a promotional coupon. You can buy these coupons for between $10 and $20 on ebay here.

Chase Bank issues checking account bonuses regularly throughout the year on 3 of their 4 available checking account options.

The account that is never packaged with a cash bonus is their student checking account (read more about student checking accounts here).

The three checking accounts that are regularly packaged with promotional cash give-aways are:

1) Chase Total Checking Account – This is their most basic checking account offer. It is geared towards lower asset holding individuals and is therefor less frequently accompanied with a cash bonus then their two premier accounts (below). The Chase Total Checking Account comes with the standard list of features any basic account would – free debit card, mobile banking, and text alerts. You’ll get hit with a $10 monthly fee if you dont make a direct deposit of at least 500 hundred bucks every month OR maintain a minimum balance of at least $1,500.

Here’s a recent $150 checking bonus packaged with the Chase Total Checking Account.

2) Chase Premier Plus Checking –  This is account is one step up from their “Total” package above. It features much more perks but also comes with a stiffer fee and minimum balance requirement. As for the features, it comes with all of the features we mentioned above PLUS free checks and money orders (a savings of between $20 and $50). Also, the first 4 non-Chase ATM fees will be reimbursed each month. This equates to roughly one per week. This was a big plus for me as both my office and home are over 5 miles away from the nearest Chase ATM. It also garners an interest rate albeit modest when compared to the current national average for standard money market accounts. In today’s low interest environment though, this is practically irrelevant though (it’s less than a quarter of one percent). A few additional perks I enjoyed with this product were free incoming wire transfers and 24/7 phone support (although I believe that is available for any Chase account). Watch out for monthly fees though. If you dont maintain a minimum balance of at least $15,000 you’ll get hit with a $25 monthly fee!

Here’s a recent $125 bonus for setting up a Chase Premier account.

3) Chase Premier Platinum Checking – This is their ultimate checking offer as far as perks and bonuses are concerned. Before we dive into some of the features, you’ll want to know it requires a total of $75,000 in assets with Chase otherwise a $25 monthly fee will be applied. As for its features, it comes with all the features of the previous accounts plus free foreign ATM usage at all times and an option for a free linked business checking account. This account can almost always be had with a sign-up bonus of between $100 and $200. Even if you cant find a coupon code for this on our site or anywhere else online, speak to a representative about the bonus and 10 times out of 10 they will apply it to your new account. With the amount of assets you’ll be required to hold, there is no way they wont give you a cash incentive if requested.

Here’s the most common $100 checking account bonus available with all 3 Chase checking accounts.

Obtaining Chase a $200 Coupon on E-Bay:

A new method has also been floating around on various message boards out there regarding purchasing these coupons on E-Bay. And I can tell you, it actually does work. You can purchase a $200 bonus coupon for the “Total Checking Account”  on EBay for between $10 and $20. I dont know how many are out there, but Im still seeing quite a few for sale. We are guessing Chase created a number of these promotional coupon codes and somehow some employees got their hands on them and are either selling them on EBay themselves or to a middle man. Chase also sends these out via direct mail marketing campaigns, so some may be being sold by the recipients.

Share you experience with these infamous checking account promotions from Chase Bank by leaving a comment below!

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  • nick

    I think they have had this deal for a while. its a great one though! they keep changing the bonus amount so you will have to be on your toes :)

  • zach

    Hi, I was wondering if an ACH transfer from one of my other bank accounts to Chase would count as direct deposit?

    Right now I am abroad for the next 6 months so I do not have my old job or DD. I am still opening up bank accounts from here and using my parents house as my legal US residence. If the ACH transfer works, that would be fantastic. What about Paypal, and wouldn’t there be a fee for that?

  • Dan


    I believe an ACH transfer would suffice. I would not use PayPal. You may want to give their customer service dept. a jingle just to make sure your ACH transfer would be ok.

  • zach

    There customer service just got back to me…pretty damn fast if you ask me, especially since its the weekend.

    Anyways they told me my ACH would not count as Direct Deposit, it had to come from an employer or government agency. So I guess I will have to wait til I am back in the states for the next promotion.

    keep up the great work…just discovered this site last week off of bankaholic and already I like coming here more.

  • Al

    Zach, cash disbursements into a seller’s checking account worked with no problem in my case – I’ve got $125 right after the first was deposited at Chase. My guess that the same thing might work with Ebay/PayPal…

  • Dan

    Thanks for the good word Zach!

    I appreciate your participation:)

  • @Al

    Can u elaborate what you did like what is cash disbursement? Do u have to be a seller at and then just link your account to ur new chase checking account so everytime you sold something @ amazon it goes directly to the chase checking account? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @Al

    Hey Al,

    Can you explain how you did it? What is the cash disbursement? Thanks.

  • Mar

    is this code for one time use only?

  • Eric

    Do you have to do just one direct deposit? Is funding come from a bank like Wells Fargo is there a fee? Thanks for the info. This site is way better than John Wu $15 million scam site.

  • admin


    I’d like to hear more about this “Amazon Cash Disbursement”. Do you have a link perhaps? Thanks

  • Stephanie

    Worked for me!!

    PS. Love the site. Just bookmarked it!

  • Al

    Hi All,

    Yes, you have to be a seller at (say, you sell books, CDs, etc.) or at some other online retailer (Ebay,, Abebooks, etc.). I will use amazon as an example.

    Once every two weeks (there is also an option to transfer cash more frequently) makes an automatic transfer, if, of course, you had at least one sale in a given 2-week period.

    To register as a seller you have to provide info about your checking account where you prefer the money to be transferred.

    Four months ago I linked one of my seller accounts to the brand new Chase account (the one that offers a $125 bonus after the first direct deposit) and after the very first transfer from got the bonus in full. That is, the transfer was qualified by CHASE as the direct deposit transaction.

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that CHASE assumes that the direct deposit will be happening on a regular basis.

    Now, let’s say, you opened the checking account with CHASE. You also registered as a seller at (or elsewhere). You got lucky and sold a book or a CD. After two weeks transferred your cash into yours CHASE checking. You got your $125. Now you decide to stop as getting into this whole thing (with setting up a seller’s account) served its purpose of getting $125. You end this because you had no much interest in selling stuff on-line on the first place or you have no inventory to continue.

    If you do not sell stuff as a seller, your direct depositing also stops. At this point CHASE may get back to you and inquire why one of the terms of the account – that is, direct deposit, is not fulfilled. This potentially may become a complication, so you may want to keep this in mind.

    If, however, you are a seller who has, at least, one sale per 2-weeks, I think there should be no issues.

  • Al


    I think one direct deposit is sufficient (should be coming from your employer, social security, etc).

    Regarding the second half of the question – Could you please be more specific about Wells Fargo?

    Frequently, a bank (say, Wells Fargo) will manage a trust (set up by your family member, say, your Dad), created to reimburse you and your siblings for health costs. Such reimbursements can be arranged to go directly to your checking account, and therefore may count as a direct deposit. Same thing may apply with education trust…

    I am not sure if this is what you had in mind… :-)

    There should be no fees for the direct deposit feature (and definitely not in case with CHASE checking).

  • Al


    The code may be for one time use only.

    I do not know for sure, but there might be a restriction in case the same customer attempts to use the same promo code twice… However, this would be really interesting to experiment with…

  • Eric

    Thanks Al. Opened the account today online. Will set up direct deposit within a week when I get my checking account number. Have you guys seen the 4% checking and money market account. Do you think this is legit. I want to get the high yield. Has anyone bank with everbank? All info welcomed

  • admin

    Hey Eric,

    Can you provide the link to the 4% yield with Everbank? I’d like to look into this further. Thanks

  • Eric

    If you type It’s on the main site. It says on the checking account you get 4% on first $100K for 3 months and 3.25% for the entire year after first 3 months end. Money market first $50K 4% for 3 months and 3.42% for first year after 3 months end. I’m going to sign up. I’ve researched it. You can’t beat these interest rates.

  • donna

    Does anyone have any info on Capital Bank of Mexico. They offer a CD rate at 12% for 1yr.

  • Jim


    Here is a link to more info on Capital Bank of Mexico:

    They have bank cd’s with rates of 12-18% but they are not insured. However, they claim that no one has lost money on any interest or principal as long as they have existed.

    I would still check them out. Make sure you call a representative from their bank or speak to someone within the customer service department. If their bank doesn’t have this option then they are probably a tad shady

  • Bradley

    I finally got my bonus. However, they deducted $35 for Federal Interest Withheld. I am disappointed that I may have to wait until next year to get that money when I file taxes.

  • Eric

    Hey Bradley when did you open the account? Do they send a check or post it to your checking account. Thanks for info.

  • Steve

    “Recieve $125 for setting up a Chase Free Checking Account”

    “Receive” is mispelled ……”I” before “E” but NOT after “C”

  • BankVibe

    Thanks for the spell check Steve :) It’s corrected.

  • AJ

    The Chase $125 bonus was paid by Chase within 4 days of a direct deposit of a State Unemployment deposit. But the account cannot be closed for 6 months, and the $125 is the only interest you get. I have written checks to keep at least $100 in the account, although the minimum balance is not specified.

  • Amy

    The Code for the Chase 125$ checking would not go. It said it had expired. I opened a chat with a customer rep and she applied it for me. Just an FYI….

  • BankVibe
  • adam

    This bonus does not apply to any restricted account, such as a probationary account, If you have credit issues and find it difficult to find a checking account, chase will offer you a probationary account which lasts 9 months and costs YOU $10 a month. If you do not abuse the account they will upgrade you to a free checking account but you will still not be eligible for the bonus.

  • Tom Roberts

    Chase has a new checking offer! Get $100 when you open a Chase Checking account, you’ll need to make 5 debit card purchases or set up direct deposit. The offer is good until May 28, 2010, and you can apply online or get a coupon to take to a branch.

    Here’s URL:

    And here’s the bonus information:
    Bonus/Account Information — Offer valid through 5/28/10. To qualify for the bonus you must open a new Chase CheckingSM account with a $100 minimum deposit of new money (money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates). Also, within 60 calendar days of account opening, we must receive from your employer or the government a monthly electronic direct deposit of your payroll, pension or government benefits, such as Social Security, or you must have at least five debit card purchases posted to your account. The reward will be deposited into your new account within 10 business days after meeting one of these requirements. Bonus is not considered part of minimum opening deposit. Limit one checking account-related reward/premium per customer, per calendar year. Offer not available on account conversions or in combination with any other offer. Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers. Employees of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and our affiliates are not eligible. Checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the bonus will be debited from the account at closing. Account is subject to approval. Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS form 1099-INT.

  • klimatyzacja

    is this code for one time use only

  • D E W

    It doesn’t do me any good if the offer expired in 2009!

  • bob

    why is this stuff still on…i mean 2009,2008 these people seem happy..but its oct 2011 right now and I got totally screwed with that offer that still exists to get a 125 bonus…you people kno that its just a MEASURING gimmnic…they will close the account before it gets to the six months required and take back the 125.. that is unless their DEPARTMENT FOR PROFIT LOSS PREVENTION has measured you and you are a cronic fee payer…lots of luck…this is a scam…Chase is a cess pool of snakes

  • BankVibe

    Hey everyone I just got another free $200 for “total checking” account mailed to me today! First come, first serve – register at and use the coupon code that was mailed to me: FP29292679KXJ66

  • doctorofcredit

    Looks like all your codes are expired, there are some more here: