The Golden 1 Credit Union

The Golden 1 Credit Union, based out of Sacramento, California is the fourth largest credit union in the United States by membership and sixth largest by assets. They have almost 700,000 members and control assets of roughly $7 billion.

Founded by a group of California state employees in 1933, The Golden 1 Credit Union is a membership financial cooperative which is owned by its members. In keeping with the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” The Golden 1 offers their members a wide range of low-cost consumer financial products and high-quality service. 

They occupy 83 offices and have more than 270 ATM’s as well as 28,000 network ATM’s nationwide. 

It’s deposit accounts offer dividends with interest rates that allow your savings to grow over time. You can open a certificate of deposit account ranging from 3 months to 5 years and earn the following interest rates:

- 3 month Certificate earns you 0.65% APY to 0.85% APY depending on deposit amount.

- 6 month Certificate earns you 0.86% to 0.96% APY depending on deposit amount.

- 1 year Certificate earns you 1.05% APY to 1.21% APY depending on deposit amount. 

- 18 month Certificate earns you 1.05% APY to 1.21% APY depending on deposit amount.

- 2 Years Certificate earns you 1.54% APY to 1.75% APY depending on deposit amount.

- 3 Years Certificate earns you 1.88% APY to 2.00% APY depending on deposit amount.

- 4 Years Certificate earns you 2.23% APY to 2.50% APY depending on deposit amount.

- 5 Years Certificate earns you 2.53% APY to 2.75% APY depending on deposit amount.

The dividend rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) were accurate as of 11/20/2009. The dividend rate and APY may change at any time. There is no minimum balance required to earn the stated APY. The minimum balance required to open a regular certificate is $1,000. The APY is based on an assumption that dividends will remain in the account until maturity. Any withdrawal or transfer reduces earnings and there may be penalties for early withdrawal. Call (916) 732-2900 or 1-877-GOLDEN 1(1-877-465-3361) for current rates.

Who is eligible to join?

If reside in a group of select counties within the southwest US, you may be eligible to join. They have branches in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and a few other select states. You may also join if you are a family member of, or registered domestic partner of an existing member. Finally, if you are employed by one of their select group of employers you are eligible as well. Visit their membership page to see if you qualify.

Timeline of Significant Events in The Golden 1 Credit Union’s History:

1933 - Eleven state employees meet in Sacramento as the Board of Directors of the newly formed California State Employees Credit Union #1 (CSECU #1).

1934 - Membership reaches 131.

1950 - Membership grows to 4,565.

1952 - Assets reach $1 million.

1956 - Membership reaches 13,000. Construction begins on State Employees building at 1108 O Street in Sacramento.

1961 - CSECU #1 staff moves into first permanent offices and administrative headquarters in the State Employees building at 1108 O Street.

1976 - Assets reach $75 million. Name of credit union is changed to The Golden 1 Credit Union.

1977 - Assets reach $100 million.

1982 - Membership grows to more than 100,000. Assets reach $200 million.

1983 - First four ATMs go into service.

1988 - Assets reach $500 million. Credit union has 14 offices statewide.

1990 - Total of 21 offices are open statewide. Assets reach $750 million.

1992 - Assets reach more than $1 billion. Membership stands at 215,000.

1994 - Assets grow to $1.56 billion. Membership is more than 274,000, and the credit union has 44 offices statewide.

1997 - Membership stands at more than 324,000. Assets reach $2 billion.

1998 - Membership stands at more than 343,000. Assets reach more than $2.24 billion. The credit union has 55 offices and 210 ATMs.

2000 - Membership grows to more than 400,000. Assets reach $3.1 billion. The credit union has 58 offices and more than 220 ATMs.

2002 - Membership grows to more than 495,000. Assets reach $4.2 billion. The credit union has 65 offices and more than 260 ATMs.

2005 - Membership stands in excess of 600,000. Assets reach approximately $6 billion. The credit union has 69 offices and more than 270 ATMs.

2006 - Membership now stands at excess of 676,000. Assets reach $6.18 billion. The credit union now has 73 offices and more than 270 ATMs.

2007 - Total of 74 offices are open statewide. Several new products are introduced: AutoMagic, Goldie’s Super Saver Club, Equity My Way, MarketRate Checking. Elected into the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame.

2008 - Total of 77 offices open statewide. New products debut: Mortgage Repair and Rescue Loans, LifeLine Advance, FlexSavings accounts, and The Golden 1 Discont Auto Buying Program. Assets reach $6.9 billion and membership grew to more than 693,000.

Contact Info:


phone: (916) 732-2900