State Employees Credit Union

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, State Employees Credit Union is the second largest credit union in the United States in both membership and assets. They have roughly 1.5 million members and control over $16.5 billion in assets. They are a member owned, not-for-profit, state chartered “natural person” credit union. Their electronic services include membership application, apply for a loan, account balance inquiry, share draft orders, open an account, pay your loan online, see your account history, transfers and online bill payment. 

Their deposit accounts offer dividends with interest rates that allow your money to grow continuously. You can open a certificate of deposit account ranging from 6 months to 5 years and earn the following interest rates:

- 6 month Certificate earns you 2.00% interest, 2.00% APY.

- 1 year Certificate earns you 2.00% interest, 2.00% APY.

- 18 month Certificate earns you 2.00% interest, 2.00% APY.

- 2 years Certificate earns you 2.25% interest, 2.25% APY.

- 30 month Certificate earns you 2.25% interest, 2.25% APY.

- 3 Years Certificate earns you 2.50% interest, 2.50% APY

- 4 Years Certificate earns you 2.75% interest, 2.75% APY

- 5 Years Certificate earns you 3.00% interest, 3.00% APY

@ The above rates have been noted as on 30 April, 2009.
@ Penalties apply for early withdrawals.
@ Your funds are insured by NCUA up to $250,000.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Employees of the State of North Carolina and Federal employees working in conjunction with State departments
  • Employees of Public Boards of Education
  • Employees of associations formed for the benefit of State employees, such as State Employees’ Association of North Carolina, N.C. Association of Educators, State Employees’ Credit Union, and non-remarried spouses of persons who died while in the field of membership of the Credit Union
  • Persons retired from the above employment as pensioners and/or annuitants from the above employment or services
  • Persons in the immediate family of current Credit Union members (defined as spouses, parents, children, and siblings of a member), persons living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit with a member, and organizations of such persons
  • Employees of agencies or departments whose employees are subject to the State Personnel Act 
    Employees of county, municipal, and related government units (excluding employees of county departments of Social Services, Health, Mental Health, and Civil Defense) who currently have a Credit Union chartered by North Carolina or the Federal Government and who are included in that field of membership are not eligible for membership in the State Employees’ Credit Union
  • All members of the North Carolina National Guard

Once your family members have joined, they can extend the membership opportunity to their family members, too.

For additional information you may call 1(888) 732-8562 or visit their website at