CD Rate Promotions

Cascade Bank (now Opus Bank) CD Rates and Promotional Offers

July 11, 2010 No Comments »

Attention: Cascade Bank is now Opus Bank. ( Opus Bank, based out of Redondo Beach, California, acquired Cascade Bank back in 2011 to obtain a more dominant west coast market share. After absorbing Cascade Bank’s Washington State business, Opus Bank ... Read More »

Fifth Third Bank CD Rate "Promos"

May 30, 2010 No Comments »

Fifth Third Bank, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, currently has some CD rate promotions going on at a few of their Michigan branches (other branches may be included as well). Although they are called “Promotional Rates” don’t get too excited ... Read More »

Charter Bank CD Rate (certificate of deposit) Specials!

April 8, 2010 No Comments »

Charter Bank, out of Georgia, has a few noteworthy CD (certificate of deposit) promotional rates currently available with deposits of $1,500 or greater. Thanks to reader Chad for submitting this offer! First, for those who are unfamiliar with Charter ... Read More »

12 month CD Rate Promotion – Earn twice the national average!

March 19, 2010 No Comments »

A phenomenal 12 month CD rate promotion was forwarded to us this week by reader Justin. It comes from Navy Federal Credit Union, based out of Virginia. As of last month they are offering their members 12 month “Easy ... Read More »

15 month CD rate (certificate of deposit) promotion!

March 17, 2010 No Comments »

Thanks to reader Stacey for forwarding us this 15 month CD special being offered through Aspire Federal Credit Union. Currently with a minimum deposit of at least $1,000 you can open a 15 month certificate yielding 1.51% APY. To ... Read More »

S-Bank’s Grand Opening 9 month CD special – Locals Only

February 8, 2010 2 Comments »

S-Bank, based out of Massachusetts, is offering a phenomenal 9 month CD rate of 2.33% APY to their local customers. To put this offer in perspective the national average for 6 month CDs sits at 0.90% APY and the national ... Read More »

36 month "step up" CD through Darby Direct

September 12, 2009 3 Comments »

Darby Direct is offering another noteworthy savings/deposit product this month. A few months ago Darby Direct stepped on the online banking scene with a lucrative high yield savings account providing a 3.0% interest rate. Unfortunately that account carried a variable ... Read More »

5 month CD, 5.0% APY with a $500 minimum deposit!

September 4, 2009 2 Comments »

It’s called the 5-5-5 promotion and it’s being offered through People’s Trust Financial Credit Union. Generally with credit unions, either you’re eligible to join or not, and there’s not much middle ground. However People’s Trust FCU out of Houston, Texas, ... Read More »

15 month CD "special" rate through Enterprise Bank of South Carolina

August 30, 2009 1 Comment »

Enterprise Bank of South Carolina has two pretty substantial offers on their promotional CD (certificate of deposit) products. As of August 10, 2009, Enterprise Bank is offering a 15 month promotional CD yielding 2.50% APY as well as a 27 ... Read More »

Banner Bank’s CD (certificate of deposit) Promotion

August 16, 2009 No Comments »

Banner Bank is currently running a pretty sweet 21 month online CD (certificate of deposit) promotion which is yielding 2.50% APY. The average yield for 24 month CDs sits at roughly 2.0% APY – making this offer 25 percent more ... Read More »