Capital One “Financial Independence” Sale – $100 Checking Bonus & More!

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Capital One “Financial Independence” Sale – $100 Checking Bonus & More!

We’re glad to see that Capital One kept one of the best promotions ING Direct used to run annually after their acquistion – ‘The Financial Independence Day Sale’ promotions.

This year – from July 1st to July 3rd only – Capital One is sweetening the bonuses offered on their “360 Savings Account” and “360 Checking Account.”

$100 Checking Account Bonus from Capital One:

If you’ve been in the market for a checking account bonus, you’ll probably know that Capital One usually runs a $50 sign up bonus for opening their checking account throughout the year. From now until the 3rd of July however, Cap One will make this a $100 bonus.

Details, Terms and Conditions:

  • Open a fee-free 360 Checking account between July 1st and 3rd (with a deposit of $500 or more) and grab $100.
    • This has to be your first 360 Checking account.
    • Make a total of 5 purchases (either signature of PIN-based) using your 360 Checking Debit Card, make 5 CheckMate deposits or any combination of the two within 45 days.
  • Your $100 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account on day 50.
  • Variable APYs are effective 6/30/2013.
    • 0.20% Balances under $50,000
    • 0.80% Balances between $50,000 and $99,999
    • 0.85% $100,000 and over


Get the $100 Checking Account Bonus Here!


$76 Savings Account Bonus from Capital One:

Capital One’s savings account has also been featured here on BankVibe due to its rate consistently remaining in the top 5% of all online banks. Because rates in general remain extremely low, its probably best to take a variable rate savings account rather than locking your money away in a CD – where your money is tied down for a specific amount of time. To put Capital One’s offer (below) in perspective, today’s average savings rate sits at roughly 0.55% APY.

Details, Terms and Conditions:

Open a no-fee 360 Savings account between July 1st and 3rd and snag $76.

  • This has to be your first 360 Savings account and it needs a $500 minimum deposit.
  • The bonus starts earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at least 30 days.
  • 0.75% variable Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 6/30/2013.


Get the $76 Savings Bonus Here!


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