Best Certificate of Deposit Rates in Oklahoma – Top 3

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Below are the top 3 CD rates for residents of the state of Oklahoma. Many local banks and credit unions serving various communities within the state of Oklahoma are currently offering less competitive rates than those offered by some of the larger national banks. After researching the savings rates offered by these local institutions we have compiled the top 3. They come in the form of 24 month CD’s, 36 month CD’s, and 60 month CD’s. If you are strictly after the highest interest rate then you may want to compare the local rates below with some of the rates offered nationally. Compare CD rates.

Top 3 Certificate of Deposit Rates (Oklahoma banks and credit unions):

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Communications Federal Credit Union: Tulsa, Oklahoma. 24 month CD yielding 2.80% APY with a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. Communications Federal Credit Union has 18 branches throughout the Midwest (primarily in the state of Oklahoma) and offers a wide range of banking products for both consumers and small businesses. Their other featured savings product is an 18 month CD yielding an APY of 2.40%. You must stop-in to a local branch to take advantage of these savings accounts.

Weokie Credit Union: Yukon, Oklahoma. 36 month CD yielding 3.04% APY with a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. Weokie Credit Union claims to be one of the largest credit unions in the state of Oklahoma, serving tens of thousands of members with a complete range of banking products. Founded in 1969, Weokie CU originally served the employees of Western Electric of Oklahoma. They have a very democratic form of management in which members elect the board of directors whom then serve out a 3 year term.

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union: Vinita, Oklahoma. 60 month CD yielding an APY of 3.55% with a minimum deposit amount of $500. OECU serves the state of Oklahoma and has a fairly strict membership eligibility checklist. Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in the counties of Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, Logan, McClain, or Pottawatomie is eligible. There may be some exceptions if you happen to have family members who fit the prior criteria, if not you’re most likely out of luck. OECU has 7 branches throughout the state.

Compare with today’s top CD rates nationwide below:

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