Best certificate of deposit rates in Georgia (Top 3)

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Below are the Top 3 CD rates available to residents in the state of Georgia. The deposit products below are listed by highest yielding interest rate. Generally, you will find higher rates accompanied with longer maturities, therefor we took the CD’s that beat the national average by the highest margins (so that we wouldn’t be strictly listing long-term deposits). After digging through dozens of rate pages by various banks and credit unions serving the general Georgia area, we found many promotional CD offers which are absolutely crushing the current national average. We have conducted similar research for states in the northeast and have found that the rates offered in the southeast (particularly Georgia) are currently yielding a much higher interest rate. You may want to compare Florida’s CD rates as well as many regional banks serve both states.

If for whatever reason you are not eligibile to join or take advantage of the products listed below, you may want to search through our nationally available CD rate list to find another offer.

Top 3 CD Rates (Georgia residents)

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Bartow County Bank: Catersville, GA. 9 month CD yielding 3.0% APY with a minimum deposit of $500. The current national average for 9 month CD’s sits at roughly 1.60% APY. Bartow County Bank was established in 1974 and serves residents of this county. They may accept out of county funds but it will require speaking with a representative. This is a promotional offer and is subject to change.

American Trust Bank: Roswell, GA. 12 month CD yielding 2.72% APY with a minimum deposit of $2,500. The current national average for 12 month CD’s sits at around 1.75% APY. American Trust Bank has 3 Georgia locations (Roswell, Alpharetta, and Cumming). They are currently offering consistantly higher rates than the national average for each maturity. Some of their other notable deposit products are a 6 month CD yielding 2.65% APY and a 24 month CD yielding 3.0% APY.

Atlanta Postal Credit Union: Atlanta, GA. 12 month CD yielding 2.80% APY with a minimum deposit of $500. Atlanta Postal Credit Union has fairly strict eligibilty requirements. Because they are a credit union they are a not-for-profit organization that passes it’s profits on to it’s members in the form of higher savings rates and lower mortgage rates. They serve the employees of 33 different businesses and governmental organizations. If you do not work for one of these organizations or have family members that do you will not be eligible to join. View membership requirements.

Compare with today’s top CD rates nationwide below:

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