Best certificate of deposit rates in Colorado (Top 3)

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Best certificate of deposit rates in Colorado (Top 3)

Below are the top 3 CD (certificate of deposit) rates available to the residents of Colorado in 2013.

They come from a variety of financial institutions including local and regional banks and credit unions. In some cases there may be eligibility restrictions (especially with credit unions), so you may want to contact a representative within the institution to see if you are eligible.

If do not live in Colorado you may still be able to take advantage of some of these products but it will most likely depend on your individual situation (place of work, residence, family relatives, etc).

The terms that were surveyed this month are just 6 month CDs through 24 month CDs. We dont recommend locking in a bank deposit with maturities longer than that simply because rates will likely rise within that time frame. You can read more about the current landscape for deposit rates here.

Also, keep in mind deposit products are time-sensitive in nature so refer to the date of this article for accuracy. We strive to update these tables regularly, but time delay’s in interest rates may exist.

You may wish to shop around with banks in nearby states since there are a number of regional banks that cover the general area as well. Browse through Arizona’s best CD rates and/or California CD rates for further options.


Top 3 CD rates in Colorado (2013 Edition):

(Rates accurate as of March 2013. Visit their website for further rate information, terms and conditions.)

Min. Deposit
Champion Bank 9 month CD 0.85% $1,000 (303) 840-8484
Guadalupe Parish Credit 6 month CD 0.847% $4,000 (719) 376-5413
Navy Federal Credit Union 12 month CD 0.85% $10,000 (888) 842-6328
Indiana Members Credit Union 12 month CD 0.75% $1,000 (303) 938-9812
Famers Bank 24 month CD 1.21% $1,000 (970) 834-2121
Cache Bank & Trust 24 month CD 1.11% $1,000 (970) 351-8600

All of the institutions listed above are federally insured by either the FDIC or NCUA. If you live in Colorado and know of a better rate offered by your institution, please share by leaving a comment!

As a quick disclaimer, Colorado Federal Savings Bank didn’t make the list this month even though they have a 6 month CD yielding 0.80% APY and a 12 month CD yielding 1.04%. We just highlighted Colorado Fed’s rates on our blog this week (which can be found in archive of local CD rates in CO) and wanted to give a shout out to some of the smaller banking institutions in which we haven’t mentioned here before on

Compare Colorado’s local CD rates with today’s top CD rates available nationwide below:

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