Best CD rates in Nebraska: Top 3

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Below are the best CD rates available to the residents of Nebraska. These come in the form of 7 month CDs, 15 month CDs, and 24 month CDs. Some of the institutions listed also have other noteworthy accounts along with their deposit products. After digging through dozens of rate pages by dozens of banks and credit unions serving the state of Nebraska, we found that in some cases you can receive more competitive rates offered by national institutions rather than local ones.

Although the financial institutions we’ve listed below do the majority of their business in Nebraska, they still may have eligibility requirements which may prevent you from joining (even if you live in NE). Contact a representative to see if you can take advantage of their products.

How did we compile this list? As you are probably aware, higher CD rates tend to accompany longer maturities and since we did not want to strictly list long maturity CD’s we decided to list the deposit rates which beat the national average by the highest margins.

Top 3 CD rates in Nebraska:

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  • Butte State Bank: Butte, NE. 7 month CD special yielding 2.19% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Typically when you here of offers with maturities outside of the standard 6 month increments, they are “special CD rates” or promotional deals which are only available for a limited time. Butte State Bank in Butte, Nebraska is located in North Central Nebraska between the Missouri, Niobrara and Keya Paha rivers. They were founded in 1943 and the Articles of Incorporation of Butte State Bank were filed in The Office of the Dept of Banking of The State Of Nebraska at Lincoln, Ne. The records show that the Articles of Incorporation were approved on the 27th Day of December 1943.
  • Platte Valley Bank: Scottsbluff, NE. 15 month CD yielding 2.52% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Like Butte State Bank, this offer is promotional as well and is only available for a limited time. As of last month, Platte Valley Bank will celebrated 13 years of service to their communities, opening in July 1996. In that time they grew their assets almost 10 fold. They started with roughly $50 million and now claim to control around $588 million. They are an integrated financial and insurance organization, with locations in Nebraska and Wyoming, which include: Platte Valley Bank-Main, Plaza and Centennial in Scottsbluff; Morrill, Minatare and Bridgeport, NE; Platte Valley Ag Credit Co., Scottsbluff, NE; PV Mortgage Company, Scottsbluff, NE; Platte Valley Investment Center, Scottsbluff, NE; J.G. Elliott Insurance Center, Scottsbluff, NE; Platte Valley Bank-Torrington, Wheatland & Casper, WY; McBrayer Insurance Center, Torrington, WY; Platte Valley Insurance Center, Wheatland, WY;           Tri-County Bank, Vandehei and North College Dr. in Cheyenne, WY; and C.H. Brown Co., LLC, a premier equipment financing company, located in Wheatland, WY.
  • Ericson State Bank: Ericson, NE. 24 month CD yielding 2.55% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000. This is not a promotional offer. Interest is compounded quarterly and may be deposited into a savings account, checking account or back into the certificate of deposit. The Ericson State Bank is a small bank with a staff of seven. However, they claim to have a total combined banking experience of over 150 years, and is currently $40 million in assets. They provide loan and deposit products as well as internet and telephone banking options.

Compare with today’s top CD rates nationwide below:

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