Best CD rates in Florida (Top 5)

June 25, 2009 1 Comment »

Below are the highest yielding CD (certificate of deposit) rates offered to residents in the state of Florida. These interest rates come in the form of 5 year CD’s because longer maturities typically generate the best interest rates. If you know of a deposit rate in Florida that beats what we’ve listed here, please leave a comment below!

The rates are in order of APY (annual percentage yield). If you click on the institution name this will bring you directly to their rates page. You can compare these rates below with some of best CD rates within our archive to make sure you are finding the top rate.

You may find these institutions in Florida’s major cities. These cities may include: Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Winter Haven and Dade City as well as outlying suburbs.

  1. Urban Trust Bank: 4.50% APY (5 year term) Minimum deposit to earn APY is $500. Urban Trust Bank is located in Winter Haven Florida and has branches throughout the state and even a few in the DC area. They offer not only financial products but education measures to help the people within the community learn how to reach their financial goals. They claim to regularly conduct financial seminars at churches and community centers as well as participate in financial learning missions in local schools.
  2. Fidelity Bank of Florida: 4.00% APY (5 year term) Minimum deposit to earn APY is $10,000. Fidelity Bank of Florida claims that, “More than 95% of the time Fidelity Bank leads the banks of Brevard County in offering the highest CD rates as reported in the Florida Today newspaper’s money yield comparisons over the past year.” They go on to state that they match that feature with ripened talent and that their average employee has “13 years of banking experience.”
  3. Tyndall Federal Credit Union: 3.75% APY (5 year term) Minimum deposit to earn APY is $1,000. Tyndall CU is owned by it’s members and is dedicated to serving them, not stockholders. Since the credit union is a financial cooperative, they return any profits back to the member-owners in the form of lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, and fewer and lower fees.
  4. Intervest National Bank: 3.62% APY (5 year term) Minimum deposit to earn APY is $2,500. IntereVest is a national bank which offers it’s products to customers nationwide. They are typically on our national CD rates tables because their rates generally fall in the top 10 for various savings products. You do not need to reside in the state of Florida to apply for their financial products.
  5. Florida Traditions Bank: 3.61% APY (5 year term) Minimum deposit to earn APY is $1,000. Florida Traditions Bank is a slightly smaller institution. They have 4 primary offices in the state (Winterhevan, Spring Hill, Dade City, and Zephyrhills).

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