Best CD (certificate of deposit) rates in Kentucky: Top 3

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Below are the top 3 CD rates available to residents in the state of Kentucky and the institutions which offer them. Some of the banks and credit unions listed below may serve a regional area, therefor you may also want to search through the best CD rates in Indiana, best CD rates in Tennessee and/or CD rates in Ohio to ensure the optimal product and highest yield.

Keep in mind, some of the institutions listed below have strict eligibility requirements (esp. credit unions) so you may want to contact a representative directly to see if you are eligible. However, even if you do not live in Kentucky you may be able to take advantage of the products but it will most likely depend on your living situation (ie where you work, live, worship, attend school, etc).

How did we compile this list? As you are probably aware, higher CD rates tend to accompany longer maturities and since we did not want to strictly list long maturity CD’s we decided to list the deposit rates which beat the national average by the highest margins.

Top 3 CD rates (Kentucky):

(clicking on the institution will bring you to their rates page)

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union: Radcliff, KY. 17 month CD yielding 2.75% APY with a minimum deposit amount of $500. This is a promotional offer and is available for a limited time only. As a rule of thumb, when you receive offers with maturities outside the standard 6 month increments (ie 17 months) it is almost always a promotional offer. These offers may remain on the table for 1 day to 3 months depending on the institution. Like all CD rates they are time-sensitive in nature. Fort Knox Federal CU currently has a few promotional CD rates – a 7 month, 11 month and 17 month CD with yields of 2.50% APY, 2.60% APY and 2.75% APY, respectively.

Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union: Hopkinsville, KY. 24 month CD yielding 2.80% APY with a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. Like Fort Knox Federal CU, this credit union has fairly strict eligibility requirements. To sign up for one of the deposit products you must have a military ID and live or serve near one of their seven locations throughout Kentucky. You may also be eligible if you are a family member of someone who fits that criteria. Fort Campbell is also offering a very noteworthy 12 and 36 month CD which are yielding 2.50% and 3.0% APY respectively.

First Citizens Bank of Carrollton: Carrollton, KY. 36 month CD yielding 3.0% APY with a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. First Citizens Bank of Carrollton has been around since the 1880′s but only has a few ATM and branch locations within the state of Kentucky. Their rates page was last updated in February so I would contact a representative directly to ensure yourself the most up to date rates.

All of the institutions mentioned above are federally insured by either the FDIC or NCUA and your deposits are secure up to $250,000. If you reside in the state of Kentucky and know of a better CD rate offered by your local institution, please share by leaving a comment.

Compare with today’s top CD rates nationwide below:

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